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Despite the popularity of social media and messaging apps, most people still use email as their primary mode of communication. There were over 3.8 billion email users on the planet in 2018. By 2023, it is expected to reach 4.4 billion people. The basic rules for avoiding viruses and malware from email attachments are still valid today. Check to see if the email’s author is someone you can trust. However, double-check the email address because viruses have been known to send themselves using existing contacts in your email.




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How to Setup Scan To Email?

Complete Guide For Scan to email Setup on all Major Printer Brands. Best Place to know how to Set up Scan to email on HP Printer, Brother Printer, all the other printer in the market. All models and Troubleshoot all Scan to email issues which may arises during the Setup and Process.

How to Setup Scan To Email?

Do you know the feature of the Scan to Email? Don’t worry, anyway! It is one of the most excellent features which allows users to scan any document. Once they have done so, they can send it directly to anyone as an email attachment. One can easily open, view, and save the sent attachment at the end of the receivers in a natural way. It not only saves your time but also helps you communicate the scanned document easily. If you are looking forward to obtaining more information, you can approach the professionals with ease.


Run the email wizard search​

  1. Run the program Officejet Pro
  2. This can be downloaded from if it is not already available on the local computer
  3. Run the email wizard search
    • Kit for Printer
    • Add a new email profile
    • Add email address, name and PIN Scan to email configuration
    • Next Click & Set SMTP Settings; I use Office 365
    • Server:
    • Harbor: 587
    • Tested SSL / TLS:
    • Enter the 365 user ID and Password SMTP configuration.
    • Click Next &  Include sender checkbox optionally
    • To save and SCAN, click

Configure the scan to email Printer

  1. Tap the touch screen printer
  2. Tap scanning
  3. Scan Press > Email inspection > From:
  • Select the profile built in the section above
  • To > + (adding a new email destination)
  • Enter Email Address Form
  • Save by name

4. Subject:

  • From:
  • Tap Start check to test configuration

You got it there. I use this when I send scans to SharePoint or MS teams, and when I send scans to other people. A good use here is to search the invoices and purchase orders directly from the SharePoint Invoices or Order Document Collection. This can be done through the use of teams. See Laura Rogers great post about incoming email and teams.

Scan Documents To Email

Scanning Directly from a Scanner to an E-mail

Many office employees enjoy going on to the workgroup scanner of the firm, loading a document, typing or e-mail address on the console and sending a scan. Often, you scan for your own address to store in your inbox and later you can find it as an attachment if necessary. Other times, you send the scan to another person directly from the machine, inside or outside the company. In this article we will address the alternatives and why they boost efficiency and health.

Why do you want to check your inbox?

  1. In short, below are the four most common methods of scan transmission:
  2. As mentioned above, the scanner e-mails the file to a given address.
  3. The scanner uploads the file to a common folder in your office on a server.
  4. The scanner communicates directly via the network to the user’s desktop or device using application software. On receipt, the scanned file is opened or transferred to the computer’s hard disk.
  5. The scanner loads the file to a cloud-based file storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  6. For these reasons, many people prefer e-mail directly from the scanner:

Email inbox closing​

Today, the e-mail inbox is the information center of the IT system and guides the workflow every day. The powerful search capabilities of modern e-mail software make it easy for users to find and store conversation, contact information, meeting invitations and files together. Even if a well-developed company web portal or shared folders have been created, files and other resources are typically shared, tracked and retrieved via email links. As a consequence, users are inclined to place scanned documents in their inbox.

Users feel that it’s more private than a shared folder. Although the IT department establishes a private server folder for each user or team for scanning, the access to a given folder may not be readily apparent.

The process appears to be easier. If the scanner displays the email address of the user as the destination, it is clear where it is going. But when scanning to a shared folder or directly to the user’s computer, the scanner displays on its console the network address of the folder or computer that the user cannot recognize in full.


Scan To Email Printer Setup​

How do i send an email from my HP printer​

First of all, the photo or document you ‘re looking forward to printing must be open. You then have to click the ‘Share’ icon, or you can also tap the ‘Action’ option. You will find an email option here which you need to click on. Now, you should enter the printer’s email address into the ‘To’ field. Finally, type in the subject and then tap the ‘Submit’ button to submit it directly to the printer.

This steps will help you sending an email from your HP Printer whereas by following the same procedure you can send email from printer directly.

How Do I Set Up Scan To Email On My printer?​

To do this, you must tap on the touch screen of the printer and then go to the ‘Scan’ option. After that, you’ll need to click on the option ‘Email’ available over there. Besides that, you will have to select the ‘Configured Profile’ option. Now, adding a new email account by type in the email address is advisable.

Make sure the email address you enter is completely right and does not have any typos. You can also save by name, and then click the ‘Start Scan’ option to test the setup.

How Do I Set Up printer Scan To Email?​

First, go to the email assistant scan and then provide email address & PIN. You will then need to click on the ‘Next’ option and set the SMTP Settings (Port: 587). You must enter the correct User ID and Password here. Moving on to the next move asks you to click on the option ‘Next’ and choose the choice ‘Save and Check’ You should go to the touch screen printer after that, and tap the ‘Scan’ option and then ‘Email’ option.

You need to select the ‘Configured Profile’ option now, and add a new email account. You should then click on the ‘Start Scan’ option to setup the scan to email feature successfully afterwards.

This steps will help you setup an email from your HP Printer.

How Do I Set My Computer To Scan?

Carefully check out the process and implement step by step:

  1. First, attach your scanner to your computer system through a USB cable.
  2. Turn on the scanner then proceed to the Start menu on your PC.
  3. You should then navigate to option ‘Printers & Scanners.’
  4. Select the ‘Add a printer or scanner’ option, and follow the instructions.

Doing so will surely set up the scanning computer and allow you to start working on it. Following the same procedure you can setup Computer To Scan!

How Do I Scan A Document And Email It As A PDF?​

  1. Place the document into the face of the scanner.
    When choosing the scanning format select the ‘PDF’ option.
  2. Now, before you start scanning you’ll need to give your file a name.
  3. You need to type in the correct email address here.
  4. Now, the scanned PDF file will need to be sent.
  5. You’ll need to press the ‘Start’ button once it’s done successfully.
  6. It will scan, then easily email the file.

How Do I Set Up Scan To Email On HP Officejet Pro 8740?​

You only need to complete two phases if you want to set up an email scan on HP OfficeJet Pro 8740.

  1. First, you need to run the scan to the email wizard and implement the directions that appear there.
  2. Users will need to set up the printer or scanner properly once it has been successfully completed.

You can also get the advice directly from the experts, however, who will provide you with the right suggestion. Start following the above instruction carefully.

Other Common Scan to email related queries

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