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The private IP address, which is often used as the default router IP by router manufacturers, is a public IP address. It is a default IP address that allows us to access router settings pages and modify router settings as we wish.

The common user doesn’t need to understand all of the technical aspects of this IP, but knowing how to utilise it effectively to secure their wireless network or use the parental controls is more crucial.

What router manufacturers use

This IP address is frequently used by routers made by Ubee Interactive (Huawei, Netgear routers), Motorola (their MBR series of routers uses it as a default one), Virgin Media hubs operating in Modem Mode, and others.

How do I use

As with all default IP addresses, the primary purpose of this address is to allow us access router settings. Let’s see what are the exact steps to login to your router using this IP.

Before we get started, you should check these:

Only devices that are already connected to the network can access router settings. If you aren’t connected you won’t be able to login to your router.

  • Is your router’s correct IP?

You can easily check this ether in the user’s manual, on the label on the router or you can follow the steps given in this guide.

  • Have you set the default username/password for your router model?

These login details are printed on the manual or labeled on the router. Make sure you verify them first. You can also try the ones below.

These are the questions you should be asking. YES, you may proceed.

1. Start your web browser

Open the web browser that is installed on your device. An active Internet connection is not required as we’re trying to access the router not a website.

2. In the address bar, type

Type int he URL barEnter into the URL bar

You will reach the router login page by entering into the address bar. We must point out that typing the IP in the Address bar is one of the most common errors people make.

3. Enter your default username/password

The default login information can be found in the user’s manual, or you can look for them printed on the router (usually on a label under the router). If you don’t have these, try the usernames and passwords listed below.

Router brand Username as default Password default
Motorola admin motorola
Ubee User User
Huawei Telecomadmin admintelecom
Huawei Root admin
NETGEAR admin Password

These default usernames and passwords should be valid for your router. If they are not, contact your ISP for assistance or look for the manual specific to your model.

4. You are now at the Admin interface.

If you have entered the correct IP, username, password, you can now access your router admin panel.

These articles will provide step-by-step instructions for logging into your router.

Can’t login to

This was simple, wasn’t it?

There are situations where the login process is not working. Here is what you need to check if you can’t login to your wireless router.

1. Make sure to check the connections. A damaged network cable or a loose connection can be the reason why you can’t login.

2. Are you connected to the Internet?As we have said, you must be connected to the internet. To do this, we recommend using a wired connection. You can use an Ethernet cable to connect your router to your computer.

3. Is an accurate IP?You can check if has been set as the default router gateway via the Control Panel. Or, you could try the following IP addresses: or

4. Did you enter the URL correctly? You would be surprised to know how many people type “l” instead of “1” so type carefully.

5. Did you enter the IP address in the URL bar Typing it in the search bar will give you search results from Google or Bing and that’s not what we are looking for.

6. Refer to the manual for the default username/password.Reset the password/username of the router admin password you previously changed.

7. Be carefulEnter the username and password. These passwords are case sensitive.

8. Deactivate your firewall, antivirus software or popup blocking programBecause they could be preventing the login page showing up.

How do you access your Router Admin Panel via

The router settings page (admin Page) is the most important part of your network. You can access and alter many settings like:

You can modify the following settings to make your wireless router and network more secure:

  • Default router login information (this includes the router username, router admin password and IP address – in this case
  • Name of the network (SSID).
  • Wireless password/Network security key

You can also:

  • Setup a Guest Network so you don’t have to share the password of your primary network
  • Port forwarding is useful for gamers.
  • Configure VPN
  • To control how much time your children spend online, set up parental controls
  • You can block a device from your WiFi

Last Thoughts

I hope this article about was helpful. It will help you understand why this IP address is so important and how you can use it.

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