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5 Ways To Fix The DSL Light Blinking Green Issue

by stacy

Have you ever wondered why the DSL indicator on your modem is blinking green? This light has not been witnessed by you alone. Many individuals have seen this light but are unsure what it means. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the DSL light blinking green problem and what it implies for your internet connection today. Continue reading for more information.

Why Does The DSL Light Beam Green?

Normal conditions will show the DSL light being solid on your router. This means that the connection is in good shape.

The DSL light blinking in green indicates that your modem/router is failing to sync with DSL or that the DSL connection may be faulty.

This issue needs our attention. Here are a few ways to fix it and get your internet back on track.

How to Fix DSL Light Blinking Green

There are some steps that you can take to resolve a blinking DSL light. We have outlined some of the most common fixes for this problem in this blog post, so be sure to check them out if you’re experiencing issues with your WiFi connection.

Check the Cables

First, check all cables and connectors. Make sure the DSL Cable is properly connected to the port (the green one).

These issues can be caused by a loose or incorrectly connected cable. While checking the DSL cable make sure to check all the other cables and don’t forget to check both ends of each cable.

The following solutions can be used if the DSL light continues to blink green after verifying that everything has been properly and securely connected.

Restart the Modem

It is easy to restart the modem and fix most network problems, including blinking DSL lights. This is a simple process that anyone can perform.

Simply turn off your modem and disconnect the power cord. For a few moments, leave the modem off power. Turn it on by connecting it back to an electrical outlet.

NOTE:Make sure you remove the battery from your modem before you disconnect it from the power source. Then, plug the battery back into the modem before connecting it to the power supply.

Phone Cord, Micro-Filter, Wall Jack, or Splitter Defective

If the problem persists, you may try another DSL cable or connect your modem to another jack.

If you’ve used a splitter or micro-filter, connect the modem to the wall jack. Maybe the splitter or the micro-filter are defective but you won’t know unless you try this solution.

Do the necessary changes one-by-one and wait for the DSL lamp to stop blinking. If the DSL light continues to blink, proceed to the next step.

Reset Your Modem To Factory Settings

NOTE: Skip this step if you don’t have the settings from your ISP or you don’t know how to set up your modem. All settings will be lost and your modem settings will be restored to their original state after the factory reset. You can proceed if you feel confident in setting up your modem. You can skip this step if not.

reset button on modem

You will need a pointy object, such as a pen/paperclip, to reset your modem back to factory settings. You should also consult the modem manual. To reset the modem to factory settings, you will need to hold the button for a few seconds while holding it. The manual will tell you how long the button should be held. The modem will then reboot, and settings will be restored to factory defaults. You will now need to setup the modem.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, you will have to get in touch with the ISP’s Customer Support.

Contact your ISP Customer Support

Sometimes, a modem is not working properly and all our efforts fail to fix it. It is best to contact your ISP support in such cases and ask them for help. You can explain the problem and ask them for information if they have any issues with the line. You will need to wait for them to fix the problem if they are currently working on something. The DSL light will be solid green once they fix the problem.

If this is the case, they will test your line to determine if your problem requires a technician. You may be offered a replacement if the technician finds that your modem is not working properly.

Last words

We hope this information has assisted you in resolving the issue with your DSL indicator flickering green. These troubleshooting suggestions were chosen to assist you in regaining access to the internet. It is critical that you read each solution thoroughly. Restart the router and modem if necessary. If it doesn’t work, try resetting your devices’ network settings. If all else fails, contact your ISP’s customer support for assistance. Hopefully, one of these suggestions will cure your issue and allow you to keep using the internet.

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