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6 Ways To Fix The Eero Blinking Blue Light

by stacy

With the help of an antenna, you can improve your WiFi network’s range and performance. eero mesh system. This is a guaranteed way to have a reliable and working internet connection at every corner of your home. While there are many happy eero users, some do experience issues with their devices. They often experience the eero blinking red light.

This article will provide more information about the eero blinking red light and the steps to fix it.

eero blinking blue light

Why does my Eero blink blue light?

Officially, the reason the eero blinking light turns blue is because Bluetooth is currently broadcasting. Practically seeing this light on the eero node indicates that it is in pairing mode and it’s ready to be added.

While this is not usually a problem, it can be. However, if the behavior persists for a longer time, it may indicate that something is wrong and should be addressed.

How to Fix Eero Blinking Blue Light

There are many things you can do to resolve the eero blinking red issue. We recommend this if you’re not too tech-savvy and are concerned about causing damage. getting in touch with support. You can either have them send a technician to your home or remotely fix the problem. This is the most secure way to resolve network problems like these.

On the other hand, if this happens during the weekend, when you are in a hurry or the support isn’t available for some reason, here are a few things to try. While waiting for help is an option, fixing the problem yourself is another.

If you’re still unsure what to do next, you can look through these solutions and decide which ones to try. One of these solutions will hopefully solve the problem and fix your eero blinking red light.

Check the Cables

Yes, we also know that you probably haven’t touched anything or moved your equipment, but a loose connection can cause problems. This is not only very difficult to find, but also means that everything else will fail. Make sure to check the connections and make sure everything is secure.

Is Your ISP Broken?

In case your Internet Service Provider goes down, make sure you check. You may experience problems with your internet service provider if they have modified their network configuration or are working on your network.

You can either contact ISP support directly or log into your ISP account to see if there are any messages informing you of an ongoing outage. There are also sites like downdetectorUsers can report any issues they have with their ISPs.

Be patient in the event of an outage. All will be restored quickly. If there is an outage and you confirm it, follow these recommendations.

Power Cycle Your Eero

You should try power-cycling your eero as your first option for troubleshooting.

You will need to unplug the power cable from your eero. After allowing it to be disconnected for between 30-60 seconds, plug the power cable in again. After the eero boots completely, you can check if it blinks blue. Most cases it will stop. However, if it blinks still, you can try the next step.

Restart Your Eero Network

You can reset your network with the eero application.

restart eero network

It is possible that you have already downloaded the eero mobile app and have created an account. You will need to unlock the device and launch eero.

Next, tap on Settings.

Scroll down a bit and click on Advanced options.

Scroll down and click on Reset.

Select this menu to view the options Restart NetworkTap on to confirm your selection Restart Network again.

During the restart you will go offline so don’t be surprised when that happens.

Reset the Eero(s).

The blinking blue light can be fixed by restarting the Eero nodes.

eero node reset button

You can do this easily through the eero App or by using the reset button on your eero. The location of the reset button depends on the type of eero that you’re using. The reset button for the eero beacons (beacons), is normally located to their left.

TIP:Before you attempt to reset your eero, it must be turned on for at most 1 minute.

You need to be aware that the reset button allows you to perform several functions. soft resetYou can also find out more about a hard reset.


This will clear the network configurations, but it keeps the eero off the network. Your custom settings will also be saved.

Hold the eero reset button down for approximately 7-10 seconds, then release the button when the yellow flashing light appears. The light on the eero should turn to solid white very soon.


This reset removes any network configurations and eero from your network. It also deletes all personal settings. You will need to set up the eero network once again after this step.

Hold the eero reset button down for 20 seconds. Release it when the flashing red light appears on the eero. The device should blink blue when it reboots.

Use your old router to set up your Eero Network again

Connect the eero to an old router and then set it up. Once you have completed the setup, connect the modem to it. While you may be asked for details about your broadband connection, after that step your eero should work without a blinking blue light.

Final words

We hope you were able to successfully resolve the eero blinking red light issue. If the issue persists after you have tried everything, then it may be that your device is defective. We recommend calling eero support, or your ISP support to explain the problem. We are certain they will provide a working solution to your problem and assist you in fixing it.

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