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A Gift From Nature

by stacy

Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay, and the stories of people and businesses all over the world trying to go paperless abound, each of which can serve as a source of inspiration for all of us.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to help this cause. Moments like these allow us to reflect on the progress we have made in this endeavor. We are thrilled to have helped millions of people and businesses, of all sizes, in their efforts to save 60 million sheets of paper as well as prevent the destruction of more than 295 acres of forests.

Signeasy places a high priority on achieving a higher purpose. We eliminate unnecessary details and try to get as fundamental as possible. We want to help eliminate paper from the world. However, we also want to make sure we do it for ourselves first.

We decided that reuniting people and the natural world was the best way to remember this event. This meant that we would introduce a new practice into our company’s culture as well as the way we welcome new employees. This will help new employees to be familiar with the paperless vision of the organisation right from their first day of employment. We would like to celebrate the arrival of a new member of our team by giving them a gift that mother earth has personally chosen.

Terrariums FTW

Every coworker will now receive a miniature terrarium with a symbolic symbol. This particular terrarium represents freedom, sustainability and growth. Plants can thrive if they are given the right care and attention. Signeasy recognizes the importance of instilling that culture in all our employees. To ensure everyone’s progress and success, we need a culture of mutual understanding, support, and care. We are committed to being environmentally responsible and place high importance on this. This could be as simple as selecting the right employees to join our company so that they can ensure that everyone is able to fit in with the culture. Or it can be as complex and elaborate, such that we develop products that help reduce the use of paper and preserve natural resources for a more sustainable tomorrow. Terrariums can be easy to maintain and are beautiful works of art. They also allow you to bring indoor plants into your home, allowing you to maintain a connection with nature even when you live in an urban area. They are an example of our core beliefs, and they can be used to help us pass those beliefs on to our younger team members.

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