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That Sheet of A4 Paper you Threw Away Cost the Earth 10 Litres of Water

by stacy

When we were all in college, at some point or another, we all kept a notebook and secretly wrote love poetry in the back of it. Anything to get through those boring classes on the subject of money, right? But as we tore away those sheets of paper to give them to our buddies and then watched them get hurled into the wastebasket in a mock slam-dunk, did any of us ever stop to think about how much it cost to make those sheets of paper?

I am certain that I never did. In those days, I wasn’t very concerned about the state of the environment.

But back when I first conceptualised Signeasy, the world looked very different. The world has become a place where people don’t give much thought to what they are doing if it won’t directly affect their financial situation. This is a direct result of rampant materialism and consuming. However, that is just an illusion. Because of the way we are using up the Earth’s resources, there will soon come a time when things that we currently take for granted, such as water coming out of a tap, gas coming out of a pipe, and clean air to breathe, will become commodities that can be bought and sold like gold and oil. This point will come sooner rather than later. Why? Because we took advantage of them to such a great extent, there is nothing left behind for the future.

At Signeasy, we like to think that by attempting to bring documentation and the activities that accompany it into the domain of electronic communication, and by saving every little inch of paper that we can, we are making a tiny dent in the avalanche towards oblivion. As a result, we strongly suggest that you register for and make use of Signeasy as well.

“… the light is kept at bay by the inconspicuous, regular acts of kindness performed by everyday people. Kind deeds and acts of affection performed in small ways.” — From “The Lord of the Rings,” written by J.R.R. Tolkien. If you believe the infographic that was just shown warrants being shared with others, please do so. Remember, minor dings.

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