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by stacy

Best Abandoned Cart Emails 

My best friend’s birthday was coming up on a Saturday night around 11 p.m., and I was naively scrolling around Amazon looking for a gift for her. But then something occurred.

I had an overwhelming want to buy everything. What is the mug of female empowerment? What about the wine tumbler? What about the pillow with the words “Nap Queen” on it? I wished to have everything. I put everything I liked into my shopping cart.

$200. Let’s be honest: $200 was going to be difficult to come up with. I exited Amazon to avoid being persuaded to finalize the transaction.

My reluctance to complete the checkout process resulted in abandoned cart emails. An abandoned cart email is an email that is sent to customers who have almost completed a purchase to persuade them to continue their purchase.

Free Abandoned Cart Email Templates are available for download right now.
Abandoned cart emails are one method of converting lost business and converting a lost prospect into a brand advocate.

Morgan Jacobson, an inbound marketing specialist on the eCommerce team at HubSpot, recently published a blog post about abandoned cart emails that you can read here. He responds, “I’m not going to lie, I’m not going to lie.” “First and foremost, if you’re engaging in any form of shopping cart abandonment, you’re already miles ahead of the competition. At the moment, just 19 percent of even the largest 1,000 e-commerce businesses engage in any form of shopping cart abandonment recovery. Interesting, considering that up to half of customers who abandon their shopping carts will complete the transaction if they are prompted to do so.”

This section contains abandoned cart email templates to get you started, as well as effectively abandoned cart email examples to serve as inspiration for your campaigns.

Abandoned Cart Email Template

Templates for abandoned cart emails can be found in any email marketing program that allows you to create them. Templates will be available in tools like Squarespace, Wix, and HubSpot to assist you in getting started. For example, you could utilize a pre-made template for the layout, but change the message, graphics, and style to make it unique to your company. Here’s an example template from Wix to get you started:

Example of a Wix abandoned cart email.
Image courtesy of Wix.

The language used in abandoned cart emails is quite straightforward. The following is a high-level outline of the basic structure:

  • subject line with a lot of punch
  • Text for the introduction Items that have been left in the cart Offer or discount
  • Call to action, such as a checkout button (CTA)
  • Testimonials or social proof
  • Text for the final paragraph
  • While this template is useful if you’re sending a single abandoned cart email, you might want to consider sending a
  • series of cart recovery emails in a drip campaign. A drip campaign is a series of emails that are sent out automatically.

The following is an example of how emails could be structured for an abandoned cart workflow:

  • Email 1: Reminder about the cart (sent a few hours after cart abandonment)
  • Email number two: follow up (sent a few days later)
  • Email number three: A promotional discount (sent a few days after email two)
    According to Omnisend, a sequence of abandoned cart emails performs 63 percent better than a single email when it comes to conversion rates.

Jordan Pritikin, a team manager for HubSpot’s email and growth marketing teams, explains, “An email is a powerful tool for driving growth.” “When composing an abandoned cart email, it’s important to make it as personalized as possible. What was the name of the actual product or service that was discontinued? What are the value propositions that have the most impact on the person to whom you are sending this message? Why did they first oppose the purchase, and how can you, as a business, assist them in dispelling those fears in the future? The more personalized your abandoned cart email is, the greater the likelihood that it will be successful!”

No matter whether you send a single email or set up a full drip campaign, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when developing an abandoned cart email strategy. As an illustration:

When to send your abandoned cart emails: Send your abandoned cart emails within a few hours of a customer abandoning their cart. In the case of Zappos, for example, if a customer does not complete their purchase, you might send them an abandoned cart email anywhere between three and five hours after they leave your site without making a purchase.
Emailing abandoned cart customers should be individualized to the client you’re sending the email to by including the goods that were left in their cart as well as addressing them by their first and last name.
CTA: The call-to-action in your abandoned cart email should entice customers to finish their purchase. CTAs could include phrases such as “Buy Now” or “Resume Your Order,” for example.
Copywriting: The copy should be succinct, to the point, and emotionally captivating. Great copywriting is compelling enough to persuade a reader to complete their transaction. Take a look at the samples below.
Subject line: Your subject line should be intriguing enough to entice individuals to open the email you are sending them. For example, offering discounts, employing comedy, or asking questions may pique the customer’s interest enough to get them to click. If you wanted to include a promotional offer, you could use a subject line like “20 percent off all purchases” or something like that.
Review and testimonials are powerful tools for building your brand and instilling fear of missing out on clients who have abandoned their shopping carts. It is possible to encourage someone to purchase a product by providing reviews in your abandoned cart emails for certain products.

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