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Inspire Customers to Advocate Your Marketing Platform Using Email

Advertising has become so ubiquitous that people are less likely to trust it. Advertisements are everywhere, from street signs to the pop-ups on your computer’s screen. You never know what brands you can trust. People trust their friends, which is why social media marketing is on the rise. Furthermore, according to the Consumer Barometer, 33% of all internet users are advocating their favorite brands. Brand advocacy can be described as a strategy that builds trust in your brand and encourages customers to spread the word about it.

How to turn new clients into customer advocates

You can convert loyal clients or just satisfied customers into people who will spread your brand’s name to their friends. There are many ways you can do this. Email marketing is the best and most effective.

Email advertising can be personalized and targeted to make it more effective. It is also becoming a popular tool for brand advocacy. It’s simple: customers will be interested in your product if you keep them signed up for your newsletters. Email marketing still offers the best return on investment in the industry. What can you do to convert email customers into advocates?

Tips for Email Marketing: Give Buyers an incentive to become Customer Advocates

There are many ways to get your customers to spread the word about your brand. It is difficult to predict if they will work as even loyal customers can become passive links in your marketing. There may be new customers who appreciate your service and are willing to recommend you to their friends. Here are some ideas that may prove useful:

1. Gratitude emails

Although it may seem obvious, a personal thank you letter is an important tool in email marketing. It creates a relationship between you and your customer and is easy to do. However, you will need to send confirmation letters after you have made the purchase. Add some gratitude and follow up with an offer. You could suggest similar products and services, refer to links with clear benefits, or even social media links that offer a bonus for a subscription. This requires little effort from you, but it makes the interaction more personal and interesting for the buyer.

 2. Reactions to abandoned product

A customer may choose not to buy the products that they have added to their shopping basket. There are several reasons. It could be that they misclicked, changed their mind, ran out of time, or simply not been able to remember. They were still interested in the products they added to their cart in the majority of cases. It would be great to remind them after a while, especially if they are out of stock or on sale. This will make you appear more caring and personalize the customer experience.

3. Survey emails

Surveys are a great way to get your customers involved in a conversation. They will feel valued and important. Surveys are crucial for businesses because they provide valuable information. Surveys can provide valuable information, whether it’s the feedback that you need to improve or data about how popular your merchandise is. If you ask the right questions, you will get the answers you seek.

They can also help you identify customers that you should continue working with via email marketing. It is easier to identify and separate the clients who aren’t ready to become your advocates.

These surveys don’t require a lot of resources. Many services can help you create a basic and high-quality survey.

4. Similar products?

This is the most popular and widespread email marketing strategy. Many companies offer similar products, which can frustrate buyers. Contextual advertising evolves so don’t give up. However, you should put more effort and think into it. You can make your clients customer advocates by basing the promotions on past customer experiences.

5. Avoid spam filters

It is not much you can do to ensure that each email you send is unique and specific for a particular user if you are sending hundreds of messages every day. This is why you’ll likely use many common phrases that are commonly associated with spam mail. Some users also add advanced filters to mark promotional letters as spam.

To avoid being caught out by such systems, there are certain common tropes that you can use to your advantage and persuade them to spread the word. Here are some:

  • Exclamation marks should not be used too often. Although it is not a major trope, it can still influence how your letter is perceived. Spam letters can often be overly enthusiastic, so it is best to avoid this.
  • Avoid using words such as ‘free’ or sales. They can be viewed as brazen bait and people don’t like to be treated like fools.
  • Honesty is key to expressing your intentions. Honesty is growing in popularity, even though it could backfire and not be suitable for all customers. If you want to convert your customer into a loyal fan, you can use the word advocate in one sentence.

6. Referral programs

Referral programs are tools that help customers to promote your brand to others. Email is the best way to share the referral link. This way, you can be certain that it will reach a user who is interested in sharing it.

Remember that these programs offer benefits for both your advocate as well as for newcomers. Referrers will be motivated to share the referral link as often as possible by offering customer benefits. Newcomers will also be attracted to the link by the added benefits.

Many services offer referral programs. These range from global marketplaces like Amazon to educational websites like Coursera. Many of them offer a discount for a limited time on their products and services. There are many ways to make your referral program unique and personal. You can make it a game, with different levels and tiers of benefits.

Customer advocates

Customer advocacy may sound like an easy strategy, but it is complex. There are many aspects to it that even though they seem simple, can have a significant impact on a company’s success. Although it is still a new field, more than 80% of users trust online reviews and brand advocates. Nurture your relationships with your customers if you want more sales and leads.

It may prove difficult to build an effective and active marketing system if you aren’t a professional in the field. You don’t want your money to be wasted so you can get help from a professional like RIZE Marketing agency. Although there are no guarantees of success or complete elimination of competition, you can be certain that your customers will be treated well. Internet marketing professionals can help you connect with the right advocate marketing platform to help in the creation, tracking, and inspiring of your customer advocates.


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