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Airtel Router Login

How To Access The Admin Settings?

by stacy

Do you want to change your wireless network name or password? Maybe you are looking to change your WiFi password. This can be done easily if you are familiar with the Airtel router login procedures. There are even more options once you have access to the Airtel router administrator dashboard.

Short Outline

We will walk you through the login process for your Airtel router. For this, we will use the default login information.

Once you have access the admin dashboard, it is a good idea to take some steps to secure your wireless networks. These changes will protect your network from unauthorized access and save you bandwidth and personal data.

But, first let’s see what you have to get ready in order to make the login process smooth and without any issues.


What you need:

  • Airtel Wireless Router
  • Computer or mobile device (smartphone/tablet)
  • Access to the home network (wired and wireless)
  • Airtel login details (default and custom)

Why should you log in to Airtel Router

To properly manage your home network and ensure it is protected, you must know how to access the router admin dashboard. For this reason we  have to know how to login to our Airtel router using the default or custom login details.

Pre-set default settings are usually included with routers. These include default IP and admin usernames, default WiFi names, passwords, and default WiFi names. This is a security risk and that’s why we recommend changing these settings during the setup. However, some people don’t bother with this too much and they leave these settings hoping that no one will access their network without their permission.

As we have said, it is important to first learn how to log in to your Airtel router.

Airtel Router Login Steps

Once your device is connected to the network, prepare the router’s IP addressThere should be no problem with these details and the admin login information. So, let’s begin!

STEP 1: Connect your device to the network

This has been mentioned in the What you want section. It is one of the keys to a successful Airtel router log-in. Depending on the device, you can connect to the network either using the WiFi password or using an Ethernet cable. Next, connect your device to the router using an Ethernet cable.

STEP 2: Start Your Browser

To access the router admin dashboard, we need to open a browser from our device. In this instance, the web browser is a tool that allows us see and modify router settings via the web-based GUI. Please note that we don’t need an active and working internet access because we are not visiting some website.

STEP 3 – Type The Airtel IP Default in the URL Bar

The default Airtel router IP is and you need to type this IP in the browser’s URL bar. Hit Enter and you’ll be asked for a username or password if your IP is correct.

Airtel router login IP address

If you aren’t asked to enter the router login details, you should check whether this is the correct IP address. Your smartphone can help you find your IP address.

STEP 4: Log in to the Airtel Router Administrator Login

Password and username for default Airtel router are:

Username: admin

Password: Password

Click on Login to enter your login details.

STEP 5: Now You Can Modify Your Router Settings

Once you have entered your login details, you will be able to access the Airtel router settings page. Here you can modify all of the advanced and basic settings. If you’re afraid you might accidentally damage something, you can always create a backup of your current router settings that can be restored if needed.

Simple, effective router and network security

The following changes, as the title suggests, are easy to make and very effective. These changes can be made by anyone and will protect your network against unauthorized access from all outside threats.

Change Your Airtel Admin Password

Once you have accessed your Airtel router settings, click on MaintenanceYou can find the menu to the left.

Click on the button to continue Password The section that allows you to change your router administrator password will now open. Please enter your login details in these fields:

Change Airtel router admin password

Original Password – Enter the default or custom admin password

Change Password – enter the new router admin password

Password Re-enter – enter the new admin password again to make sure there are no typing errors

Click theSave Log out, then log back in using the new administrator password. Keep making the changes.

Change the Airtel WiFi Password and Name

Click on after you log in to your Airtel router admin Dashboard. NetworkYou can find it in the left-hand menu.

There are two distinct networks which need to be customized. Wireless (2.4GHz and Wireless (5GHz).

You should make sure that the network name is different. Both networks can have the same WiFi password.

change Airtel WiFi name and password

Click on, for example. Wireless (2.4GHz). Scroll down to Configuration of SSID section.

You can now make the changes in the relevant fields.

Name of the SSID – here you can type your new WiFi network name

Encryption Mode – make sure to select WPA/WPA2-Personal

WPA Encryption Mode – Select TKIP/AES

WPA Key – here you can enter your new wireless network password

Click the Save button and confirm your changes. You will need to change the WiFi password for your devices and connect them to the new SSID.

Last words

Knowing how to access and customize your WiFi network is useful, although you won’t have the need to do it often. It is a good idea to keep the default admin login details and the WiFi password safe. You will need the default login details to reset your Airtel router to factory settings in the event that you forget your admin password.

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