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How to identify whether a call, email, or text message is from Amazon

Fraudulent emails or phone calls may come your way claiming to be from Amazon. These calls and emails may be designed to get you to divulge sensitive account information. To learn more about what Amazon will not ask you, and how to avoid suspicious emails (Phishing), phone calls (Vishing), or forged websites, please refer to the following information.

Suspicious phone calls (Vishing)

Amazon will not e-mail you or call to verify your Amazon password, bank account number or credit card number, or any other personal information.

How to identify if a phone call is from Amazon

Any information you give can be used by the caller to commit fraud and theft. Before you act, we suggest that you think about these things.

Amazon won’t ask for certain things

  • We do not offer any contests where you have to pay or give your bank details to win any cash or lottery.
  • We do not ask for sensitive Amazon account information (e.g. passwords, saved cards, or bank account information like CVV, bank account number, etc.
  • As long as the offers or contests are visible on our website and mobile app, we will not call you.

What should you do if you get a call like this?

  • Respond quickly to these calls.
  • Don’t give out any sensitive information that could be used to identify you (e.g. date of birth, pet’s name, etc.).
  • You can report the incident to your local police station if you wish to take further action. We will cooperate with any police investigation.

Note: Unauthorized individuals could have obtained your personal information if you ever answered a suspicious call or e-mail. We recommend that you update your Amazon password immediately and take up the account security measure mentioned here.

You may contact your bank or credit provider if you have given financial information.

Phishing, text messages, and emails suspicious

Fake emails can look just like genuine Amazon emails. Fake emails can lead you to a fake website that looks just like Amazon. The website asks for your password and account information.

These websites can take your sensitive information and use it for fraud or theft.

Do not open attachments, or click links in suspicious email or text messages. If you’ve already opened an attachment or clicked a suspicious link, go to Protect Your System.

Before you act, consider these things to protect yourself against fake texts and emails.

Suspicious or fraudulent emails, text messages, or webpages not from Amazon may contain:

  • These links take you to sites that look similar to Amazon. but aren’t from Amazon.Note: Legitimate Amazon websites have a dot before “amazon. in” such as HTTP://”something”.amazon.com. For example, the Amazon Pay website is https://pay.amazon.in/. We’ll never send emails with links to an IP address (a string of numbers), such as http://123.456.789.123/amazon.com/. The link may be phishing if it takes you to an unofficial amazon domain.
  • Email addresses for return do not stop there@amazon.in and @amazon.comAmazon emails are authentic if they come from an email address that ends in “@amazon.com”, or “@amazon.in”. Check the return address to verify that an email is authentic. If the “from” line of the email looks like “amazon-security@hotmail.com” or “amazon-payments@msn.com” or contains the name of another Internet Service Provider (ISP), it’s fake. You can check the email header information for “@amazon.com”, “reply from” and “return pathway” to verify that the email came from @amazon.in.
  • Information about your bank account, credit card number, and PIN or credit card security code (including any updates to the above).
  • Poor grammar and typographical mistakes: Many phishers send emailhttps://scantoemail.tech/how-to-scan-something-and-send-it-in-an-email/ translations from other languages, or they don’t proofread.
  • Personal information that can be used to identify you (e.g. your mother’s maiden names, your birthplace, etc.
  • Your Amazon password

Please note: We do not offer any contests where you have to pay or provide your bank details to enter any cash or lottery. To shop safe with Amazon Pay, visit this page.

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