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Introducing the Request Signature feature on iOS and Android

by stacy

Over three million individuals and small businesses all over the world have benefited from using Signeasy because it has enabled them to shorten the amount of time it takes to turn around contracts, which in turn has enabled them to close deals more quickly, save money, and delight customers by doing away with paperwork. Being in close contact with our users and constantly looking for new ways to improve their experience is something that has become a passion of ours that will hopefully last a lifetime. Let me tell you a story.

Up until now, Signeasy has been a solution for self-signing, which means that users have been able to sign a document themselves or receive a document signed in person from their partners and customers. But now, Signeasy has introduced a solution for in-person signing. We have been reassured on numerous occasions that we provide a great user experience by the praise that we receive from our customers as well as the awards that we have received from Apple and Google. The second key step that we took was to answer a frequent business requirement, which was to allow users of Signeasy to email a document for signing to parties who are not available in person. This was a very important step for us. Not to mention the fact that our users ranked this function among the most widely wanted features we offer. Roll up your sleeve and get ready to fight!

Over the course of the past few months, the overall level of excitement on the Signeasy floor has remained consistently high as we have painstakingly constructed this feature together. Our efforts have extended across teams, and our beta users have provided invaluable input. The apex has been reached, and it is our great pleasure to provide you with the Request Signature function that is available on Signeasy for iOS and Android. Say hello to an entirely new facet of speeding up the process of getting your paperwork done in the day-to-day operations of your organisation. You may now send permission letters, contracts, offer letters, and service agreements (or just about anything else.) for signature to anyone and get it back signed in minutes with the help of the Request Signature tool. The signers could be on the other side of the town or halfway around the world. Just like, how Adam did it here.

The following is a concise explanation of how it operates.

Putting in Motion the Request for a Signature

We have included a new choice called “Remote Signing,” which makes it a breeze to submit a document to a recipient for their signature. You can send people invitations to sign by entering their email address and indicating the sequence in which they need to sign. You have the option of signing the document in your own name as well. After the signature request has been transmitted, all signers are informed either email or a push notification, whichever they chose.

On the part of the recipient

The signer is taken directly to the document within the Signeasy application as soon as they tap on the push notification or click on the link in the email to view and sign the document. Once there, they are given the option to either “Sign” or “Decline” the request depending on whether or not they wish to complete the transaction.

After agreeing to sign the document and approving the signature request, the signer will sign it to complete the process. That brings us to the end! Notification is given to the next signer in line. When the final signature has been added to the document, a copy of the signed document is emailed to each of the parties involved.

You may monitor the progression of the documents at any time by checking who has already signed them and who needs to. These short video tutorials have been prepared specifically to assist you in getting started.

We just cannot wait to get your feedback on the new functionality and learn how it can help you enhance the workflows in your company. Don’t be shy; put it through its paces! You will need the most recent version of the Signeasy app, which can be downloaded from either the App Store or the Play Store.

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