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Android TV Box Connected to Wi-Fi But no Internet

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Wi-Fi is as old as wireless internet. When we connect to a Wi-Fi network, but there is no internet connection, this is the problem. To allow devices to work properly, wireless internet is more common.

It’s not surprising that people report issues with their Android TV boxes connecting to Wi-Fi but not getting internet. This can be fixed, but first we have to address why Android doesn’t connect to the internet.

Why does Android not connect to the Internet?

An Android device that doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi often has a problem with its wireless adapter or airplane mode. You might also need to tweak your router’s Wi-Fi signal.

When something doesn’t work, the most common solution is to either reboot it or do a factory reset. If neither of these options work, you can try rebooting your Android device to see if there is a problem with its settings.

Android TV Box with Internet Connection but No Internet

There are many reasons why your Android TV box doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, but it isn’t getting internet. These problems can be caused by the router or the TV Box. These issues are often experienced during power outages.

  • Asynchronous Time: Sometimes our internet doesn’t work on our Android TV box when it is connected to the wireless Internet. This is because the time isn’t network-provided and is not synchronized with time on the router. There are other issues that can occur, but the most common is a loss of internet connectivity.
  • Damage to your body There is always the possibility that the cable or hardware has been damaged. There might be a problem with the router or damage to the port. It is possible that the cable connecting the router to the modem might be defective or damaged.
  • Time to connect: Most people assume that the internet will be restored immediately after a power cut, but this is rarely true. It takes some time for the router and modem to establish a connection with the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Although it doesn’t take too long, the power outage may have caused an issue at one of your ISP’s nearby nodes. This is causing your Android TV box to have a wireless connection but no internet.

  • Invalid System: It could be that our Android TV box’s wireless adapter is out of date and we need to upgrade it. The firmware may have become out-of-date.
  • Inadequate set-up: The most common reason something doesn’t work is because we made mistakes when setting it up. That’s why it’s so important to properly set up your Android TV box before you try anything else.

Android TV Box Setup

These are the steps you need to take to ensure your Android TV box works properly. First, turn off your TV . Connect the TV to the Android TV Box with an HDMI Cable.

Afterwards, we must. Connect the Android Television Box. Turn on the TV once the Android TV Box is on. Then, use the remote to control the TV. Remote control of TVClick Here InputOr SourceFind the correct HDMI channel.

Now Pair Your Android TV box with remote. Press Back, Home For more than 5 seconds we can simultaneously control our Android TV box. Now we can control the AndroidTV box, as well as set it up.

First, select your language. Next, connect your wireless network. Go to SettingsInternetWi Fi. Enter your password to connect. You will be prompted to update.

It is essential that you update the Android TV box’s system. You can do this by connecting to your Google account. Once you have completed all the steps, your Android TV box should now be connected and working properly.

Android TV Internet Access Fixes

If we haven’t properly set up our AndroidTV box and still experience problems with our internet connection, such as an Android TV box that is connected to Wi-Fi but no internet access, then we should try some things.

The network provides time and date

Click on the Button HOME Our Android TV Box remote to set up network-provided time. This will bring us to the menu. Next, we need to select Settings.

After you have completed the settings, it’s time to search and select. Preferences. It’s easy to see. Date and timeSettings. We have to choose TimeAnd Automatic time zone. must be chosen as our location .

Factory reset Android TV Box

A factory reset is almost always an option. Here’s how to do it on your Android TV box. Click on the Home Remote control. Click on the remote. Settings.

You will find a Section in the right pane. We must then select it. The last step is to select Factory Data reset. We need to confirm that in the prompt. These are the steps that will reset your Android TV box.

Reset router factory

Most routers have a Reset buttonOn their back. We will need a paperclip, or other similar object, to push the button to reset our router’s factory settings. To factory reset our router’s settings, Hold the button for at least 10 seconds. The router’s settings will then be restored to default.

reset button on router

Device power cycle

The network can be rebooted at any time. All connected devices can be powered cycled. Turn off all devices connected to the network. After waiting a while, turn on the devices. Next, switch the devices from modem to router and Android TV box to power cycle them. This should solve any problems.

Deactivate VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is another thing that could cause this problem. You might have to disable a VPN that you are using with your Android TV Box.


We now know why Android won’t connect to internet, how to set up Android TV Box properly, and the reasons your Android TV box is connected to Wi Fi but not the internet.

We can also help you find the solution. If none of these options work, it may be time to buy a new Android TV box or upgrade to an Android television.

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