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Android users advised to uninstall 151 UltimaSMS scam applications

by Merlin s

Google is warning Android phone owners to remove 151 potentially harmful apps from their Play Store, due to their link to a SMS fraud campaign.

According to the company, cybersecurity company Avast discoveredThe massive premium SMS campaign, which was conducted through apps published to the Google Play Store in October.

Avast found 151 fake apps masquerading as photo editors, spam blockers, camera filters and QR code scanners. This campaign was called UltimaSMS.

Avast reports that the apps have been downloaded over ten million times in eighty countries.

UltimaSMS is a phishing scheme.

These apps record the user’s location, International Mobile Equipment Identity, (IMEI), number, and phone number. After they are installed, a series prompts require the user to give their email address and phone number.

After that, user information is used to sign up for premium SMS servers costing $US40 or $A50 per month.

Avast discovered several apps could stop working together after a while. This makes it difficult for users who want to cancel their subscriptions.

It was also discovered that while some customers uninstalled the apps, the SMS charges continued to accrue.

Here are some scam apps for Android devices.

The list of all 151 Android applications associated with UltimaSMS fraud was used to compile the cybersecurity firm’s version.

All programs listed below should not be installed immediately. Any odd charges you see should be checked against the bank statement.

Next, contact your mobile Service provider to request the deactivation of any premium SMS options that are associated with your account.

  • AIM PRO Crosshair and Custom Helper
  • All HD Video SX Smart Player
  • All Language Photo and Voice Translator AI
  • All Translator: Photo, Voice & Text
  • AmazeTranslate
  • Amazing Arab Videos
  • Amore Live Random chat
  • Ano caller: Spam List & Caller ID
  • AppLockX – FREE
  • AppLocker X Pro 2021
  • AR Qibla Pro – Easy Finder
  • AR Video PRO Downloader
  • Arabic Keyboard
  • 2021 Battery Animation Charge
  • Battery Charging Effects – From 0 to 100 %
  • Voice Recording 2.0
  • Calls ID Unlocker
  • Camera Translator
  • Cartoon Photo Editor Pro
  • Chat Keyboard Translator PRO
  • Chat Translator for WhatsApp
  • Chat Translator Pro for WhatsApp
  • Clap and Find
  • Free Cold Fan 2021
  • Colourful Call Screen & Phone Flash
  • CosmosVPN
  • Couch Watcher – Guide to Streaming
  • Crime City: Revenge
  • Disk
  • Recover: Photo & Files Recovery
  • Downloader ALL Social File
  • Dynamic HD & 4K Wallpapers
  • Earth Scanner
  • WhatsApp Translator – Easy Chat
  • All Languages – Easy Chat Translator
  • Easy Hidden Apps Detector
  • Simple iOS Launcher 2021
  • Easy Photo Recovery 2021
  • Pro Easy Smart Translator
  • Easy wifi Access & Fast Vpn
  • EasyCode: QR and barcode scanner
  • Egyptian Gods
  • Chat on the Phone in a Minute
  • Fingerprint Hider 2021
  • Fitness Ultimate 2021
  • Football Masters 2021
  • Muslims
  • Launcher X Pro Free
  • Download our Secret Downloader for Free
  • Future AI Scan Free 2021
  • Future Scanner FREE 2021
  • FX Animate Edit Pro
  • Game Center: Complete Edition
  • GT Sports Racing Online
  • Hacker Simulator app
  • HDlife Camera and HDlife Video
  • Hidden Section: Secret Lock
  • ICall U – Hot Chat Online
  • iDownloader: Social Network Media
  • Impulse – DJ mix App
  • iOS Launcher X 2020
  • LED BorderLikes & Followers for Tik-Tok
  • Live Cam Pro 2021: Earth cam & Live Street View
  • LivePhoto Animator
  • Loopy Live: Global Streaming video chat
  • Luck Casino
  • Ludo Masterpiece Online
  • Ludo Masters 2021
  • Magic Fonts and Keyboard 2021
  • Magic Keyboards & Fonts
  • Magic Mix Cut-Super Video Editor
  • Magic Pop It: AR & 3D Relax
  • Create Wallpaper and Widget
  • Mawlid Ani-Nabi
  • Mawlid Aniabi
  • Meme Voice Changer PRO
  • MiaWall4K
  • Mobile Scanner Pro: PDF Sccanner App, Scan To PDF
  • Muslim Memoji & Stickers for Whatsapp
  • Stickers and Memoji in Muslim for WhatsApp
  • Wallpapers by My Mia 4K
  • My Photo Battery Charging 2021
  • My Rolling Icons
  • New Body Shape Editor
  • NewVision Camera
  • Private Apps and NOWDownloader
  • Parallels – Multi-Accounts
  • Phone Finder
  • Photellon
  • Photo & Voice Translator
  • Photo Animation PRO
  • PhotoLab Pro +
  • Photoshop Detector
  • Pixel Art
  • Pixler: Face Retouch & Effects
  • Pro Calls Recorder
  • Pro Tuber AdBlocker for Video
  • Pro Video Downloader 2021
  • Professional Hidden Device Detector
  • Projector HD/AR-Video Editor
  • Projector video HD Editor
  • Pulse rate checker
  • Pure Tube PRO – Block Video Ads
  • Qibla Finder: Qibla Compass & Prayer Times 2021
  • Rainbowed: Gay Random chat & Live stream
  • Rec old file
  • Recover an Old Photo
  • Reface Ultra
  • Background RGB Neon HD Keyboard
  • Roll Your Icons
  • Rubic’s Cube – Real-Time Solver
  • SecVPN: Secure and Fast VPN
  • Smart City Taxi
  • Smart Global Translator
  • Soltpapers: 4K Custom Wallpapers
  • Spam Calls Buster
  • StarMaker PRO
  • Stay Fit With a Home Fitness Plan
  • Stickers Maker Art
  • Stickers up!
  • Teammate Finder
  • ToEdit: Face and Body Retouch
  • Simulator for Drivers
  • TrueCaller ID is Caller ID, Spamblock and Chat. (Note: This Truecaller is not legitimate from True Software Scandinavia AB.
  • Ultima Keyboard 3D Pro
  • Ultra Camera HD
  • Ultra Live Wallpapers 4Κ and Ringtones
  • Video Downloader Master
  • Video Saver & Private Browser
  • VideoMixer Editor Pro
  • VidMixer Pro
  • VPN Fastest Edition
  • VPN Toaster for Easy Network Access
  • Wallpaper Animation for Android
  • Wallpaper XYZ ProWally4K
  • Waterdrinker Reminder
  • Whistle phone Finder
  • WhoCall Caller ID & Spam Blocker
  • Who Called: Multi SIM Caller ID, SpamBlock
  • Wifi Holder
  • Wifi Around: Unlock all wifi and hotspots
  • Wifi Opensignal
  • Wifi Password Unlock
  • Wifi Secret Master
  • Wifi Security and VPN
  • WI-FI Unlock Keyword
  • WI-FI UnlockerPRO
  • WOX – Antivirus & Cleaner, Applock, Booster
  • XCall
  • XN Wallpapers: 4K/3D/Parallax, Auto Change

Malware alert for Android & iPhone

Just weeks ago, mobile spyware known as ‘Flubot’ was devastating millions of Australians.

Mobile phone scams in Australia

A text message is sent to Android users and iPhone users when a missed call is made or a new voicemail is received. The text message includes a link to allow the recipient access a phoney voicemail.

When users click this link, they are redirected onto a website that impersonates an official brand like Telstra or Optus.

This page provides instructions on how to install software on your phone to listen to voicemail messages left for you.

After you accept to install the file on your device, malware will be added. Let’s say the attackers have access to your credit card details and personal information. They will then be in a position to steal your identity.

Additional information on ‘Flubot’ is available published NortonLifeLock – What to Watch for and How to Protect Yourself from Malware Attacks

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