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Signeasy named a leader by G2 once again!

by stacy

Signeasy has been recognised by G2 as a Leader in the eSignature category for the second time in a row. We were awarded eight badges in their Fall 2021 Report, and we couldn’t be happier to see that our customers enjoy using our product and are enthusiastic about providing positive feedback to others.

Signeasy has been recognised as a Small Business Top, as well as a High Performer in the mid-market and enterprise categories. This accolade comes on the heels of the company being named as the leader in the eSignature area for the second consecutive quarter. We simply could not be more pleased!

A little bit about G2

G2 is the largest technology marketplace that can be found on the internet. Its purpose is to assist businesses in selecting and reviewing the finest available software providers by using input from actual customers.

It is one of the most credible review websites not only for people and businesses to make the best decisions for their needs, but also for us to check up on Signeasy’s reviews and know where we stand with our current users. Not only is it one of the most credible review websites for people and businesses to make the best decisions for their needs, but also for us to check up on Signeasy’s

G2 assigns ratings to products in a variety of categories using the Grid® Methodology as well as an in-house algorithm. These ratings are based on the customer feedback that they collect.

  1. How Signeasy compares to other options
  2. 97% of users gave it a rating of either 4 or 5 stars.
  3. Ninety-four percent of users have said that they would suggest Signeasy to other people.
  4. Ninety-four percent of users enjoy how simple it is to conduct business using Signeasy.
  5. 89 percent of customers think the company is moving in the right direction with this product.
  6. The New 04 1 Signeasy climbs one spot higher on the grid.

Our investment in developing a truly user-friendly electronic signature product is directly responsible for the upward rise of our grid position. If you are not yet familiar with electronic signatures, you will be able to learn why they are beneficial to businesses in this very article.

How Signeasy stacks up

Here are some excerpts from grateful comments sent by our previous clients:

“Using Signeasy couldn’t be much simpler! I have a variety of clientele, and even the ones who aren’t particularly aware about technology have no trouble utilising Signeasy to digitally sign documents. It fulfils all of my requirements at an inexpensive price, making it the most cost-effective choice available on the market. — Sharon K., Certified Public Accountant

“The product is really pleasant to users and easy to understand. The customer support team is outstanding. They always provide a prompt and appropriate response whenever we have a query or a problem. — Brian O, Owner of a Local Small Business

“The benefits of using Signeasy include the fact that it is simple to do so, adaptable, and inexpensive. The fact that this programme can operate on multiple platforms and is hosted in the cloud makes it a convenient option for digitally signing documents from any location. — Pranisha T., Senior Business Development Officer (Mid-Market)

“We are able to obtain documents back much more quickly thanks to Signeasy, which also helps us save a lot of time and keeps everything organised.” The Manager of Safety and Compliance, Judy M. (Mid-Market)

Signeasy moves up the grid

The digitization of your document workflows has never been simpler than it is with Signeasy. Our ease-of-use scores are at the top of the rankings, setup can be completed in a matter of minutes, and our UI is pleasantly simple and straightforward to navigate.

Once you’ve logged in, it won’t be difficult for you to sign documents on your own or to seek other people’s signatures from any location, at any time, using any device. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can turn around contracts and agreements when you don’t require a printer, scanner, fax machine, or courier to help you out!

A few snippets from our satisfied customers

  1. Quick and easy setup (even if you have no experience with technology!)
  2. Send out requests for signatures to all of your partners, wherever they may be.
  3. Quicker contract closure will result in enhanced cash flow.
  4. Automate administrative duties such as tracking and follow-ups to free up more of your important time.

Schedule a demonstration with our staff if you are interested in seeing how our industry-leading eSignature software can deliver amazing signing experiences for your customers and take your company to the next level. In addition, if you are interested in seeing how our software can help take your business to the next level.

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