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Apple features Signeasy in the iPhone 6s commercial

by stacy

We are thrilled to see Signeasy being featured in the iPhone 6s – Fingerprint commercial, alongside applications such as Bank of America – Mobile Banking, Singapore Airlines, Apple Pay, LockSmart, and Volvo on Call. Yesterday, Apple released a couple of commercials for the iPhone 6s, and we are thrilled to see Signeasy being featured in one of those commercials. The 30-second advertisement focuses on all of the “woah” things that can be done with just the Touch ID on an iPhone, in addition to normal identification. These include things such as accessing a secure bank account, checking in for a flight, making payments, unlocking padlocks and cars, and of course, using the Signeasy application to securely sign a document. Take a look at the commercial on this page, and you may find us at 00 minutes and 17 seconds

Users now have access to a more secure and reliable method for signing business and personal documents that are kept in their email or in their preferred cloud storage accounts, thanks to the introduction of the Touch ID-based authentication in October of 2014. This improves upon the security technique that relies on a passcode in a significant way. The support we receive from our customers, in addition to the acclaim we have received from Apple, reaffirms our position as one of the companies providing the greatest eSignature experiences.

We are confident that using Signeasy will reduce the amount of time required to securely sign that purchase document to the same amount of time as it takes to say, “I bought a boat!”

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