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Phishing & Other Suspicious Emails

Phishing is an email designed to steal personal information, such as your Apple ID password, credit card number, and/or Apple ID password. The email might appear to come from a legitimate individual or company, but it is not.

You should never send personal information such as account passwords or credit card numbers via email. Many companies have policies that prohibit the solicitation of such information by email.

Apple ID Security is available if you have concerns about your Apple ID, or any other Apple accounts.

Reporting suspected Phishing Attempts

If you receive what you believe to be a phishing email purporting to be from Apple, please send it to reportphishing@apple.com, a monitored email inbox, which does not generate individual email replies.

Apple receives important information by forwarding the message with full header information. In OS X Mail select the message and then choose Forward as Attachment in the Message Menu. To forward messages with full headers to other email programs or webmail-based services, please consult the support information of your provider.

Additional Information About Phishing

How to identify legitimate emails from iTunes Store

How to identify “phishing emails”

Reporting other suspicious emails

Send spam and other suspicious emails to abuse@icloud.com.

To report spam or other suspicious messages that you have received through iMessage, please send them to imessage.spam@apple.com with the requested information.

Apple ID and Account Security

For more information on security best practices for Apple ID, visit Apple ID Security and Your Apple ID.

Apple ID: Commonly asked questions regarding two-step verification of Apple ID.

To change your password, visit Apple ID if you suspect that your Apple ID may have been compromised.

Contact Apple Support if you require additional assistance

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