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Apple Router Blinking Orange (Easy Solutions)

by stacy

Apple products are of the highest quality. Apple routers are no exception to this rule. When we buy their product, we rely on the brand and the proven quality and we generally don’t expect to have any problems with the device. This is unfortunately not always the case. Sometimes, our Apple router may blink orange instead of its normal green color.

We will be covering the orange blinking light that appears on your Apple router in great detail. We will also present common solutions that have been used by many users to solve the problem.

Why is My Apple Router Blowing Orange?

The LED indicator light on routers informs us about the current network status as well as the device.

If your Apple router blinks orange, it could mean one of these things:

  • The router is brand new and must be set up.
  • The Ethernet cable is not properly connected
  • ISP issues
  • If you use the Apple router as an extender, it is out of range
  • Modem lost connection

How to Fix the Apple Router Orange Light Blinking?

We now know the reason for the flashing orange light. It is time to begin basic troubleshooting.

AirPort Utility Launched

Airport utility

You can use the AirPort Utility to check the problem on your device (computer, iPad or iPhone). You just need to access the Apple router’s base station using the AirPort Utility. You will find the reason your Apple router is flashing orange, along with some suggestions for how to fix it. AirPort Utility can be told to ignore the error. This won’t fix the issue but the orange light will stop blinking.

Check the Cables

Make sure you check all cables and connectors. Even though it may not be possible for an Apple router to blink orange, it is worth checking each individual cable. Surprised when something seems off?

If everything is connected properly and tightly, then you can try the following.

Move it closer

You can use your base station to extend the range of your wireless network. The orange light will blink if the base station is not within range. Logically, move it closer towards the primary base station to check if the orange blinking lights stop.

Restart the Modem

If the modem loses connection to the internet, an orange blinking light will be displayed. We recommend that you reboot the modem in this situation. This quick and easy solution will resolve the problem in no time.

Disconnect the modem’s power cable from the electrical outlet. Allow it to remain disconnected for at least a minute, then reconnect the power cable.

NOTE:Before you plug in the power cable, connect your modem to your Apple router using an Ethernet cable.

You need to set up your Apple Router

In case your Apple router is not set up, either because it’s new or because you have just reverted it back to factory settings, you will most probably see the orange blinking light. Follow the instructions to set up your router. Once you’re done, the orange blinking light at the router of Apple should disappear.

Is your ISP down?

The blinking orange light will indicate that your ISP is experiencing technical difficulties, power outages, or has changed their configuration. This can be checked by calling your ISP or visiting their official website. Log in to your account to see if any notifications are displayed.

You can also visit these sites to report problems with your ISP.

Updating the Firmware

The flashing orange light can indicate that your Apple router is running a new firmware version. The security, functionality, or performance of your Apple router is often improved by updating firmware.

Check if a new firmware is available. First, make sure your base station and device are connected to internet.

Launch the AirPort Utility, and then restart the base station. Click on the base station to restart the AirPort Utility. You will see the Update button on Mac computers if there is an available firmware upgrade. You will need to tap the number next to Version, then select Download and install.

apple router upgrade firmware

Your base station will start up after the firmware has been successfully upgraded. When the base station boots up, check if the orange light still blinks.

Get in touch for support

If you are still seeing the orange blinking light after reading all of the suggestions in this article, it could be that something else is going on. If you still see the orange blinking light, it is possible that there are other issues. You can also contact your ISP to get their help. Or, contact Apple support for their assistance. You want to have a functioning home network with a fast and reliable internet connection. Your Apple router’s light should always be on and not blinking.

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