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Are whitelisted email address still scanned for viruses?

by stacy

A lot has changed with email security in the past few years. Back in the day, when most people received their email from a trusted source (like their employer), they didn’t need to worry about viruses and malware. However, as more and more businesses send out emails directly to their customers, those without antivirus software are at risk of infection.

What is a whitelisted email address?

A whitelisted email address is an email address that has been specifically approved by the sender’s email provider to be scanned for viruses. As a result, these email addresses are less likely to be infected with viruses.

How is a whitelisted email address scanned for viruses?

Whitelisted email addresses are scanned for viruses by a number of different antivirus programs. This is in addition to the scanning that occurs when emails are sent. Whitelisted email addresses are those that have been approved by a trusted third-party organization, such as Microsoft or Google, to be scanned for viruses.

How do I whitelist a server or IP address so emails from it do …

If you are sending email from a server or IP address that you want to whitelist, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Login to your Gmail account.
2. Go to Settings and select Accounts.
3. Under “Your email address,” click the gear icon next to the email address you want to whitelist.
4. Select “Add server…” and enter the server’s domain name or IP address.
5. Select “Save.”

Why are whitelisted email addresses still scanned for viruses?

Whitelisted email addresses are still scanned for viruses because they have been found to be a high risk group for infection. This is because whitelisted email addresses are often associated with large organizations or businesses, which puts them at greater risk of being targeted by cyber criminals.

Whitelisting your own company? Not a great idea.

Are whitelisted email address still scanned for viruses?

It’s a question that many business owners have asked themselves – is it safe to whitelist my company’s email address on the virus scanning services we use? And the answer, unfortunately, is that it probably isn’t the best idea.

Whitelisting your own company’s email address is a great way to make sure you’re not infected with viruses, but there are a few reasons why this approach might not be the safest option. First of all, if a virus manages to get through your company’s filtering system and infect one of your employees, they could potentially spread the infection to other users of the system. Secondly, by whitelisting your own email address you’re leaving yourself open to attack from hackers who may be targeting your company specifically. By refusing to whitelist any other addresses, you’re making it much less likely that they’ll be able to successfully sabotage your computer systems.


According to a recent study, many email addresses are still being scanned for viruses. Although progress has been made in this area, it is important that you continue to be vigilant and protect yourself from the virus threats that remain. Use a spam filtering service like SpamBlocker or add your whitelisted email address to your safe list on Outlook or Gmail so that you won’t receive any unsolicited emails from unknown sources.

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