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Article of Incorporation Template

Articles of incorporation template

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In order to initiate the formation of a corporation, you will be required to file a document known as “articles of incorporation” with the state in which the company will be registered. Although the specifics of the contents of this document vary greatly from one jurisdiction to the next, you will always be required to include certain fundamental details, including as the name of your organisation, its purpose, and the maximum number of shares it is authorised to issue.

You can make things easier on yourself by utilising the free articles of incorporation template that is provided by Signeasy. This template has been written in a way that makes it straightforward for government agencies to complete when registering your corporation. Having said that, make sure you consult with a local legal representative to see whether any state-specific clauses need to be included to the document.

How to file your articles of incorporation template

Instructions for submitting the template for your articles of incorporation
Identify a unique name for your corporation.
Figure out your tax structure. There are advantages to creating a company either as a C corporation or a S corporation, depending on the type of business.
Download the blank template for the articles of incorporation, and then fill it out.
You’ll need to upload it to Signeasy.
Send it over to the incorporator of your firm so that they can sign it through electronic means.
You need to provide the Secretary of State in the state in which you want to register your firm with the application for articles of incorporation that have been signed.
Make sure you pay the application fee for incorporating.

What should an articles of incorporation template include?

If your application is accepted by the government agency, they will either provide you with a Certificate of Incorporation or a stamp indicating their acceptance on the application for articles of incorporation.

Your company is now officially registered with the government, so congratulations! You are free to begin operating the business once you have obtained the necessary licences and permissions, as well as opened a business bank account.

What components should be included in a sample set of articles of incorporation?
It is necessary for you to submit your articles of incorporation, which are often referred to as “articles of association” or “corporate charter,” to the governing authority in your area.

The following components should be included in the articles of incorporation template that you employ for your business:

What will the name of your new company be?
In this part of the application, you will need to specify the name that you want to give your corporation. The name of the corporation is typically followed by a suffix such as Company (Co.), Corporation (Corp.), or Incorporated after it (Inc.).

Because this is how people will refer to your company from the moment it is established, you need to ensure that the name you choose is appropriate by giving it some serious thought. In addition to this, check to make sure that you have a distinct name that will not infringe on any existing copyrights.

In some states, the only thing that is required of you is to specify an overarching objective. The phrase “Any legitimate conduct or action” is frequently used in legal jargon. When you use general phrasing, you give yourself the flexibility to change your organization’s declared purpose whenever you like in the future without having to invest the time or money to amend the articles of incorporation.

However, regulations in some jurisdictions require very particular language to be used when describing the kind of work that your company would be doing. Before you design this clause, you should definitely discuss it with your legal representative first.

Office of registration
In this section, you will be required to provide the location of your registered office, also known as the address at which the Secretary of State can contact you on significant issues.

Include the name of your registered agent, who is the person who is authorised to receive all tax and legal documents on behalf of your company.

In this section, you will explain for how much longer your company plans to continue its operations. The most typical term is “perpetually,” which means “for all of time,” unless the corporation is dissolved by the state or by the board of directors of the company.

Initial membership of the board of directors
Include the names and physical addresses of the directors of the corporation who are present during the founding of the corporation. During the first annual shareholder meeting, additional directors can be appointed, and the bylaws document can be updated to include those directors’ specific qualifications.

Authorized share allocations
How many of the company’s shares will be made available to shareholders? This is the appropriate place for the answer. The majority of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make the decision to issue only one class of shares, which implies that every shareholder is given the identical rights with regard to voting and other matters.

You will need to specify and name the address of the individual or company that is filing the Certificate of Incorporation. Also, you will need to include the person’s or company’s full name. It is not necessary for this person to be a director or shareholder.

he financial year
In this section, you should state the date that your company will shut its books for the year in order to comply with accounting and tax requirements.


At this point, the incorporator is required to use an electronic signature generator like Signeasy in order to digitally sign the application for the articles of incorporation.

Note: Please consult with your legal counsel to see whether or not the state government in your area recognises documents that have been digitally signed.

Provisions that are additional
Limitations imposed on transfers
The ability of shareholders to purchase more shares
the ability of the corporation to buy back its own shares.
The difference between bylaws and articles of incorporation
Due to the fact that both of these documents contribute to the formation of a company’s legal foundation, the majority of individuals have a tendency to mistake them.

The following are some of the ways in which they are distinct from one another:

The bylaws are a document used only internally.

Cannot be easily transformed into templates due to the fact that the way each company runs being so different from the others.

There is no charge associated with the submission of business bylaws.

Describes the procedures that need to be followed in order to keep the firm operating smoothly, as well as the roles and obligations of the directors and any other business agents.

You are not required to submit applications to any state agency, but you must keep a copy of the certificate at your primary place of business.

Included are the voting rights of each shareholder, as well as the maximum number of shares that can be issued and the value of the company’s current stock holdings.

Can be put into effect with a straightforward vote taken by the shareholders and directors, provided that the majority of those voting agree to alter the bylaws. There is no charge for making changes to this agreement here.

  • Articles of incorporation for the company
    Is made available to the general public
  • Includes a rather conventional template with blanks to be filled in.
  • Paying a fee to file the articles of incorporation is required, and the fee is paid by the incorporator.
  • Demands that you stay within the borders of a certain state in order to legally operate your company.
  • Demands that you present an application to either the state department or the Secretary of State.

It is necessary to include the maximum number of stock options that can be granted by the company, as well as the market price of each individual share.

Can be put into action by submitting the application to either the Department of State Secretary or the Secretary of State. A charge for making changes is required to be paid to the government.

Why is it necessary for your company to have articles of incorporation?

The individual is relieved of the financial and legal responsibilities associated with the company, and those responsibilities are taken on by the corporation.
Provides evidence that you are operating a legitimate company, which makes it simpler to obtain financing from financial institutions.
In some states, it gives you the possibility to reduce your overall tax burden.
Allows you to sell stock or shares in order to raise funds Provides you with information on the current status of the purpose of your business
In what ways may Signeasy assist you with the template for articles of incorporation?
Now that you are familiar with the provisions that are included in an articles of incorporation form, you should also find out the best approach to have them signed without having to deal with printers, scanners, or courier agents. This is something that you should accomplish as soon as possible.

Here are some of the ways in which Signeasy, which is widely regarded as one of the most reliable and effective electronic signature applications now available, assists businesses in reducing the amount of daily paperwork that requires hard copies.

Templates: If you want to save time and effort, you may upload templates of often used documents (such as contracts, non-disclosure agreements, timesheets, invoices, and so on) to Signeasy. After that, you can make changes to the document and sign it within minutes.
Signing documents while moving: The Signeasy app enables you to electronically sign and forward your articles of incorporation paperwork for signing with only a few clicks, regardless of where in the world you happen to be at the time.
To save in the cloud: Through the use of Signeasy, you are able to safely save any and all signed papers in the cloud, which eliminates the need to clog up your office with physical copies of a document.
Maintain a low price: You will need a strategy to adopt solutions that are digitally ahead without breaking the bank, and this is especially important when your company is just starting out. The good news is that Signeasy offers a variety of programmes, beginning at just $8 per month, that are very reasonably priced.

You can sign and share your articles of incorporation application for free if you join up for a free trial account on this website for a period of fourteen days.

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