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Asus Router Not Getting Full Speed

by stacy

An internet connection can bring up many issues. Our Asus router doesn’t get the full speed it needs.

We need to know why our Asus router isn’t working at its full potential and what we can do to fix it.

Reasons why Asus Router does not reach full speed

Your Asus router may not be getting maximum speed for a variety of reasons. The most common is incompatibility. We buy hardware without checking whether it is compatible with hardware at home.

Three main reasons why we aren’t getting maximum speed are a slow wireless connection, high network traffic and the above-mentioned incompatibility. These are just a few of the reasons you might not be getting full speed.

Poor wireless connection

You might not be getting the full speed you need through your wireless connection. The signal could be weak. Position of your router There might be an error or too many obstacles between you router and your device.

It depends on which frequency band you use, and most routers use a mixture of , 2.4GHz and5GHz bands, so it might not pass through other objects such as concrete, mirrors, or water.

These could be the reasons your speed is slow.

Heavy traffic

Another reason is too much traffic. There will be speed shifts if there are too many devices attached to the router, wireless or wired.

You might experience slower speeds but someone else may have faster speeds. This can be fixed. You can block devices from your Wi-Fi Passive broadband consumption

Incompatibility of speed and hardware

Your hardware should be able to support the maximum speed allowed by your ISP. Sometimes you won’t be able to get the maximum speed due to the router that you use only supports 100 Mbps.

Slow speeds could be caused by incompatibility between your Asus router’s maximum speed and that of your ISP. This needs to be corrected. Check the ASUS specifications You can test to determine if this is the problem and, if so upgrade.

ISP data capping

Sometimes your router isn’t giving you the speed promised. This could be due to hardware issues or any other reason. Your ISP may be limiting your data. Many providers offer fair usage policies.

This means you can’t use the internet more than you are allowed to. Although the unlimited plan has unlimited bandwidth, it will be reduced if you use more than the limit. To find out if this is true, contact your ISP.

Fixed: Asus Router not reaching full speed

You can fix the slow speed of your Asus router if you know the reasons. These are also solutions to common problems.

  • Factory resetAsus routers can be reset by simply turning it off. Hold the WPS button until you find it. The LED will flash when you turn on the router. When the LED stops flashing, your router will turn itself off. This completes the factory restart.
  • Firmware update: Visit http://router.asus.comSign in to your Asus account. You’ll see a popup stating that there is a new firmware available once you are there. Get the latest update by clicking here

You can also go to AdministrationSystemsClick Firmware Upgrade. You will need to reset your router after that. The firmware will then be installed. Log in again, and then go to Administration Click on. Restore.

It can be manually updated by visiting the Asus site. Asus download center. Log in to your settings and download the file. Next, locate the Firmware Upgrade Tab and click Manual Update.

Upload the file and then perform the factory reset to make sure everything works properly.

  • Wi Fi channel: Sometimes, we have to change the channel as the one we are currently using overlaps with other channels or has frequency interference. It’s important to change it.

Click on the Advanced Setting Tab in your Asus router’s Settings. Next, go to Wi-Fi. After you have logged in, go to the Band type section. It should be 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.

Both channels can be switched. You will have to experiment a little. You can play with the Channel bandwidth. To determine which channel is the most efficient, you can alter the values or run speed tests.

Problems with Personal Devices

Sometimes it is not the router slowing down internet speed. Our devices are the culprit. The speed of our device is not set. We can’t get full internet speeds because of the processing speed.

The protocol version and adapter driver versions are the main reasons why we don’t get full internet speed. These issues can be fixed and our internet speed will increase.

Driver for adapter is not up-to date

It is possible that your wireless adapter Driver might not be up-to-date. A Driver update issued following a power outage could cause it not to be current. It is possible that your driver may need to be updated by you.

You can find more information at the Search Box Type Device manager. To locate the Network adapters subsection, click the first result. Expand it, right click on drivers and then click Update driver. Select Search for drivers The adapter will be updated.

Version protocol

IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6 enabled This allows you to convert the data to make it compatible with the protocol. All data is converted into IPv6 compatible format instead of basic IPv4 (“Internet Protocol Version 4”)

To disable IPv6 visit Settings then go to Internet & Internet > Option for changing adapters. Select the network that you want to disable and then right-click it. You can use the Property tab. Look for the box that reads Internet Protocol Version 6. It is possible to uncheck it. You are done! You should notice a slight increase in speed.


There may be many reasons your Asus router isn’t working as it should. You can improve the performance of your router by performing a factory reset or updating the firmware.

If your router’s hardware is not compatible with your ISPs speed requirements, you can always change to a faster router. If none of these options work and your router is still not receiving full speed, contact support to find out what they can do.

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