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Asus Router Red Light, No Internet: Try These Fixes

by stacy

You have been using your Asus router without any problems for a while and suddenly you see a red light and there is no internet. This is the most common issue that users have to deal with from time-to-time. You are here because this is what you should be doing. We will explain in this article why your Asus router displays a red light and how to fix it.

Let’s see what this red light means, and what are the most common reasons for it.

asus router red light no internet

Asus Router Red Light: Meaning

The red light on the router’s router isn’t something you will see unless there is an emergency. problem with the connection Or something similar. Generally, the red light on your router indicates that the internet signal can’t be detected and the router can’t connect to the ISP.

How to Fix the Asus Router Red Light

This problem can be solved in a number of ways. We’ll explain them one by one and hopefully, by the end of this article you are going to get rid of the red light on your Asus router and your internet connection will work normally.

Reboot The Modem and The Router

This is a solution we recommend often for most network problems. It will clear all cache memory, as well as any software conflicts that could cause the red light to flash. Do the following to do it correctly:

  1. Disconnect the modem/router power cables from the outlet.
  2. For 15 seconds, leave them without power
  3. First, connect the modem to your computer and then let it start up.
  4. After it stabilizes, connect it and allow it to boot up for a while.
  5. Check your internet connection

If you have been able to eliminate the red light from your Asus router using this method, that’s great. If the red light persists and you don’t have an internet connection, the following is a solution.

Disconnect and Reconnect Everything

Well, although we said you need to disconnect everything, don’t touch the power cable. It’s fine as is. All other cables, connectors, USB cables, and similar must be removed. Then, connect everything back together. Connect each cable individually and check to make sure that the connectors and cables are not damaged. Make sure you connect the cables and connectors correctly and carefully inspect them. Once you have checked each cable and connected everything, you can test your internet connection.

You can configure your router using your smartphone

If you receive a red WAN warning, try connecting to your WiFi via your smartphone. Once connected, log in to your Asus router. Here’s a detailed explanation on how to access your Asus router settings.

Go to the settings page and go through the steps one-by-one. The WAN light should turn white once you’ve completed the setup.

To set WAN to Automatic IP

It is important to verify that WAN has been set up to receive an automatic IP address. If it isn’t it may be the reason why you are having the red light problem.

Set WAN Connection Type to Automatic IP

Login to the admin dashboard of your Asus router. Scroll down in the menu to the left WAN under Advanced Settings. In the Type of WAN connection Section ensure Automated IP selection and not another. Click here to make some changes Apply. They can be saved.

Update Your Asus Router Firmware

It is important that you ensure your Asus router runs the latest firmware version. You have two options to update the firmware: either manually or via the Asus website-based interface.

Asus router firmware version

To upgrade your router firmware through the web-based interface, you will first need to login to the router. You will then see the current firmware version at the top right of the admin dashboard. Click on the link to be redirected directly to the Firmware update page. You can then check if a new version of firmware is available or update the firmware manually.

It is important that you do not interrupt the firmware update process once it has started. Give it enough time without closing your browser, turning off your router, or opening new tabs.

NOTE: After upgrading router firmware, it is recommended to reset router to factory settings. This can be done by simply pressing the reset button for five seconds on your Asus router. Once the factory reset is completed, you will be able to setup the router using Quick Internet Setup.

Reach out to your ISP

If after trying all of the above solutions, the red light still comes on, you should contact your ISP support to ask for assistance. While some may not agree that this is the right solution, we believe it should. Contacting ISP support will confirm if scheduled maintenance is the cause of the problem. If this is the case, you will need to wait for them to fix it.

Your ISP support team can also test your connection, restart your network, or perform similar remote troubleshooting. Eventually, if they can’t help you remotely, they can send a tech guy to come and fix the problem and even replace the router if they determine it is necessary.

Last words

The router is the core of wireless networks. Knowing what to do when your router starts acting up is crucial. You can either try your best to resolve the problem yourself or contact tech support. If you’re not sure how to solve the problem, you can skip to the next step and ask your ISP to assist you. It’s perfectly acceptable, since it is almost impossible to have an internet connection these days.

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