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by stacy

Email sent via an Atlantic Broadband SMTP server not being delivered

A couple of users reported to me that the email they were sending was not being delivered to their recipients. However, they didn’t receive any bounced messages or other indications that their email wasn’t being delivered. Their email clients were sending mail to smtp.atlanticbb.net. When I sent an email to Atlantic Broadband from the same IP address, it was rejected. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Server addressed to multiple email accounts I keep for email troubleshooting using a variety of free email services such as Gmail even though they had been sent to their destination by the email client, they never reached their destination.

Analyzing the message headers of an email that was sent by Atlantic Broadband’s tech support representative regarding the problem to my Gmail account (see viewing message headers in Gmail), revealed that Atlantic Broadband uses Echo Labs for their email. The message headers contained the following:

Another Atlantic Broadband support representative confirmed to me that Echo Labs is used for its email service. Echo Labs Message Security web page provides information on the mail service they provide to Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The page states that Echo Labs’ messaging security uses Cloudmark’s Authority platform to provide faster-messaging throughput and lower CPU usage than traditional anti-virus and rules-based antispam systems. And examing the email headers further, I could see that Echo Labs in turn uses an anti-spam service from Cloudmark. Any outgoing email sent from Atlantic Broadband customers that use smtp.atlanticbb.net to deliver will be passed from Echo Labs’ server. It will then be forwarded to Cloudmark to be checked for malware. That path can be seen from the X-Scanner-Info line below.

That webpage also has a link to the Cloudmark Support Request for Cloudmark Authority page for reporting what you may regard as false positive flagging of email as spam.

This case shows that spam was being sent to the inbox of a user by the Atlantic Broadband server smtp.atlanticbb.net. It caused the user’s IP address to be flagged as a spam source by Cloudmark. Unfortunately, no bounced emails were returned and there was no indication of a problem until recipients reported that they weren’t getting email. Atlantic Broadband support staff have always been helpful and knowledgeable. However, Echo Labs must be contacted to remove any block, which could have been based upon IP address.

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