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AT&T Broadband Light Red: Meaning and How to Fix it?

by stacy

An unstable internet connection or complete outage can be very frustrating, especially as most devices we use need a working connection to function properly.

If you experience internet connection issues, the first thing we do is check the router’s lights. In most cases we will see the AT&T broadband red light.

So, the question now is what does it mean and how you can fix the AT&T broadband light red?

What does the AT&T broadband red light mean?

When the AT&T broadband light is red it is good to know what are the possible reasons for it.

They are as follows in this instance:

  1. The gateway isn’t working correctly
  2. It is impossible to detect DSL or broadband signals.
  3. The gateway can’t connect to the service provider network

Now when we know the possible reasons let’s see what we can do about it.

How to fix the AT&T broadband red light?

These fixes are simple enough that you can use them all.

Look out for service outages

AT&T has an outage site located at this address where you can check if there is a service outage in your area at the moment. These happen after a power cut or storm. If this is the cause of your red light problem, you will need to wait until things are back up and running.

Make sure to inspect the connections, particularly the DSL Broadband green cable

Sometimes, a loose connection could be the problem. You can check your connections easily, or disconnect everything and reconnect everything again. This will ensure that everything is tight and secure. Make sure the DSL Broadband green cable is securely inserted into the gateway.

Start the gateway manually

You don’t need any special tech skills for this one but restarting a device usually resolves most of the problems you may experience. If the problem persists, you will need to restart your modem.

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You must unplug your power cable from the back to restart your gateway. Then wait for about 15-20 seconds before plugging the power cable back in. Wait for the router lights turn on and become stable.

Reset the modem back to factory defaults

This option is usually left at the end. This is because your modem will be reset to factory settings. You will need to setup it again. All customizations, including network name, Wi Fi password, guest network, and other settings, will be lost.

You can still proceed if you wish. Here are some official solutions on how to factory reset your AT&T modem.

Solution 1

Solution 2

Use the myAT&T app or contact support

You can download the myAT&T App from Google Play and the App Store, or you can visit att.com/myattapp directly from your mobile device to choose whether you want the Android or iOS version.

You can also text “myATT” without quotes to 556699 to receive a link to the app.

MyAT&T’s app makes it easy to find out if your service is down or malfunctioning. Use the diagnostic tool to diagnose and then follow the troubleshooting instructions. It will test your service and assist you in troubleshooting.

Last Thoughts

You should have solved the AT&T Broadband red-light problem. If you have not been able to resolve the problem using the suggestions in this article, then it’s possible that your modem is malfunctioning. Contact AT&T Support to get help. They can assist you with troubleshooting or even replacing the modem.

Best of luck!

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