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AT&T Router Login

A Quick Guide to Access Your Router Settings

by stacy

It is essential to be familiar with the AT&T router login procedures if you use one of their routers. You will learn how to log in to your AT&T router. This will allow you to change the network name, protect it with a password, create a guest network, and more.

An Overview

This article will show you how to login to AT&T routers using the default router IP. Depending on how you connect, you may also need the Device Access Code.

What are you looking to find?

How do I log in to my AT&T router

STEP 1: Connect to your network first

We have highlighted the need for you to have internet access in our What do I require? section. This is because if your router login fails, AT&T will not allow you to log in. Only devices that are connected to the network can access router settings.

STEP 2: Type into your browser

AT&T’s default router IP address is This private IP address is used as the default router IP for multiple router manufacturers. This IP address is entered in the browser’s address field. It is crucial to type the IP correctly and not just enter it in search. These are the main reasons the AT&T router login fails.

STEP 3: The Device Access Code

Your device’s unique Device Access Code is what you will need. The Device Access Code is printed on a label you can find on router’s side. It all depends on how close you are to your router.

You won’t need to enter your router password if you connect to it with a network cable.

If you wish to connect wirelessly, you will need your Device Access Code. Then you can make any changes you wish and then click the Save button. Next, enter your Device Access Code. Finally, click the Submit button.

How to change your Device Access Code

It is a good idea to change your Device Access Code to something more memorable if you don’t wish to have to go to your router every time you make changes.

  1. After you log in to your AT&T router, go to SettingNext click on Information and then Access code.
  2. First, you will need to enter your Access code.
  3. Select and enter a unique access code.

Next, enter your password/accesscode in the field. To create a new code, you should use small and large letters along with special characters and numbers.

  1. You can create a hint in case your access code is lost.
  2. Click here Save To save your access code, click on the button below.
  3. Do not be surprised if your router settings are changed after you click on the Save button. Just repeat the AT&T router login steps.

Once you have changed your default AT&T Access Code, you need to be careful and secure your new code. If you forget your AT&T Access code, you can reset your router to factory settings. Then you will be able use the default Access Code.

Quick Tips

  • If your AT&T router settings do not appear after you enter into the address bar, then you can verify that it is the correct defaultIP. This guide will help you.
  • When making changes to your router settings, it is a good idea to back them up. Go to the settings and select Backup/Restore. You can take notes or photos with your phone to record any settings that you wish to modify or screenshots. Notify the SSID (or wireless password) of your device. Make sure to add the static IP if it is available. This will allow you to remember how to restore things to their original state.
  • In a particular case, the Device Access Code must also be used.

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