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AT&T U-Verse Router Login: Easy Router Settings Management

by stacy

To change basic or advanced router settings, and manage your WiFi network, it is necessary to know how to do this. To be more precise you need to learn the exact AT&T U-Verse router login steps and this is exactly what we are going to cover in this article. We will also explain how to secure your home network on a basic level.

So, let’s begin!

What You Really Need:

  • AT&T U-Verse wireless router
  • Local network connection via WiFi or network cable
  • AT&T U-Verse default login details
  • A device (PC/laptop, smartphone, tablet)

What Are The Default AT&T U-Verse Router Details?

AT&T U-Verse routers use the following login details:

IP default:

Default password/Device Acces Code: You will find it printed on a sticker attached to your router

How To Login To AT&T U-Verse Router?

If you have the right login credentials and network access, accessing the AT&T U-Verse router settings is simple and uncomplicated. Let’s have a look at what we have to do now.

STEP 1 – Connect The Device To The Network

The first and most important step is to connect your device to the local network (PC/laptop, smartphone, tablet). If your device has a wired connection, you can connect it to the router with an Ethernet cable. This connection is more reliable, and you can view router settings without a Device Access Code. Only WiFi can be used to connect your device. The most important thing is to be connected, regardless of the type of connection you utilise.

STEP 2 – Open A Web Browser On Your Device

Launch the web browser on your device. It allows you to connect to the web-based interface, which makes configuration and management of routers much simpler. The choice is yours, but ensure you have the latest version. Sometimes, the router login process can be affected by older versions of the browser.

STEP 3 – Enter The AT&T U-Verse IP In The Address Bar

The default AT&T U-Verse router IP address is, as previously stated. You must type this IP address into the address bar of your web browser. This is essential because some people type it into the search box and get search results for this “term” instead of the web-based interface.

AT&T U-Verse router login ip

You should see the AT&T U-Verse router home page, which has a web-based interface, if the IP is the router’s default gateway. If it doesn’t appear, try this procedure to locate the Default Gateway.

STEP 4 – Enter The AT&T U-Verse Device Access Code

In case you are connected using a wired connection you shouldn’t be asked to enter the Device Access Code.

However, if you are using your WiFi connection you will be asked to enter the Device Access Code in order to continue managing the AT&T router settings or when you try to save your changes.

STEP 5 – Start Managing The AT&T U-Verse Settings

NOTE:In case of an emergency, it is a good idea to have a backup copy of your router settings. It is easier to reverse those settings than to set the router up from scratch.

You can modify the settings of your router as you please. The default Device Access Code and the default WiFi name should be changed first. These changes will enhance your network security. It is recommended that you change your WiFi password every now and again.

How To Change The AT&T U-Verse Device Access Code?

The web-based interface may differ depending on the router model, but you should have no trouble finding the settings you wish to edit.

AT&T U-Verse change Device access code

When you access your AT&T U-Verse router settings click on the Settings tab and in the second row, click on System InfoAccess must be enabledCodeSelect.

Enter the default Device Access Code and then click on the radio button. Use a customized access codeEnter your Device Access Code twice in each of the fields below.

It is also recommended that you set up an Access Code HintTo make it easier for you to recall it in case it is lost.

Click here SaveTo confirm, click the “Confirm” button You will see an acknowledgment that everything is correct. Successful Configuration message.

If you aren’t logged out of the router admin dashboard automatically, you will need to log out and then login again with the new Device Access Code.


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How To Change The AT&T U-Verse WiFi Name And Password?

Logging in to your router will allow you to change the WiFi settings for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks. After setting up the network for the 2.4GHz, make sure to do the same steps for the 5GH one.

The SettingsSelect tab LANAnd then Wi-Fi.

In the Network Name field, delete the previous network name and enter the new one.

The Wi-Fi password sectionCheck out the Set up a custom Wi-Fi network passwordradio button. Enter your new wireless password after that in the Enter password field.

Click Save Please confirm all changes.

Your device will now be disconnected from the network. Log in using the new wireless password and the new WiFi network name.

Last words

We hope you were able to get into your AT&T U-Verse router without any issues. You may not need to access your router settings as often as you’d like, but the next time you do, it will be easier and faster. Just remember to keep the AT&T U-Verse login information safe. Both the default and custom codes will be required. If you forget your AT&T U-Verse router’s specific Device Access Code, you’ll have to reset it to factory defaults. After that, you can log in with your default login credentials and configure the router again.

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