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What’s the Best Electronic Signature Software

by stacy

The process of signing documents can be a time-consuming chore, which is precisely why you should search for the electronic signature software that is most suitable for your company.

The process of ensuring that documents are signed by the appropriate parties at the appropriate location and then securely stored takes some time. When you factor in the growing prevalence of electronic contracts, the rise in the number of employees working from home, and the global pandemic that is causing disruptions to face-to-face commerce, having a solid plan for using electronic signatures becomes an absolute requirement.

The vast majority of companies rely on legally binding papers to outline their expectations at the beginning of each new relationship. These documents ensure that there is transparency with both the company’s customers and its suppliers.

Whether you need to sign HR documents, contracts, proposals, or estimates, we can assist you in locating the electronic signature software that is the most suitable for your requirements.

What is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is a straightforward method by which a person or organisation can give their assent to any papers that call for the recipient’s agreement. Using electronic signatures has various advantages, including the following:

Email download of the comprehensive guide to the laws governing electronic signatures around the world
With just a few clicks, many individuals are able to sign various papers simultaneously.
Documents are instantly and immediately delivered to the individuals who have a requirement for them.
It is possible to trace documents and keep them online.
Papers that have been digitally signed are seen as being just as secure, if not more secure, than documents that include handwritten signatures or stamped seals.
It’s a wonderful idea, isn’t it? However, this is only the case if you make use of a user-friendly software application that is tailored to your particular usage habits, which we will discuss in a moment. A simple electronic mechanism that enables a person or organisation to give their assent to any documents that need that consent or agreement, an electronic signature is all that makes up what is known as an electronic signature. Multiple users can sign multiple papers simultaneously and have them delivered immediately to the people who require them with only the click of a button each time.

Electronic signatures ARE NOT digital signatures

However, this is only the case if you make use of a user-friendly software application that is tailored to your particular usage habits, which we will discuss in a moment.

Electronic signatures ARE NOT digital signatures
Even while the terms “digital signatures” and “electronic signatures” may sound equivalent, there is in fact a distinction between the two.

The software used for digital signatures generates a truncated document, which is referred to as a hash. This hash is then encrypted to produce a notarized certificate. The original document must be decrypted and compared to the encrypted hash in order to validate the signature, which is the encrypted hash itself.

It is possible to encrypt electronic signatures; however, electronic signatures are not condensed into their own certificates and do not require decryption in order to be viewed. In general, this makes the usage of electronic signatures more expedient and straightforward.

When do you need electronic signature software?

A comprehensive electronic signature solution is not necessary for each and every company or individual.
The vast majority of people are able to successfully manage using fundamental PDF software. There are certain employees who can get by using the software already in place at the company and never need to produce their own digital signatures. It’s possible that smaller businesses don’t need their own software solution either.
On the other hand, there are a great number of scenarios in which software for electronic signatures is an absolute necessity. If you give a positive response to any of the questions that follow, you should check into purchasing the software.

Are you going paperless?

If you have already eliminated the use of physical filing cabinets and have taken your fax machine to the recycling centre, the next logical step in the process of creating an effective and paper-free office environment is to use software for digital signatures.
Although it may be hard to believe, software for creating electronic signatures has been available to consumers for more than 20 years; nonetheless, the field has only seen significant growth in the most recent few years.
Electronic signatures are becoming increasingly commonplace in a variety of contexts, from the filing of regulatory documents to commercial transactions conducted online. You will no longer have to print out and scan documents that require a signature, nor will you have to wait for documents to arrive in the mail. As a result, conducting business using this method is a lot more efficient.

Are you signing legal contracts?

Electronic signatures have the same legal weight as handwritten ones. Electronic signatures are considered to have the same level of legal weight as handwritten signatures in virtually all circumstances, provided that evidence of consent and purpose can be provided. We have compiled a handy list for you to consult in order to determine whether or not the laws of your nation favour the use of electronic signatures.

If you use a reliable software provider like Signeasy, you are able to validate all critical and personal data with authentication and a clear audit trail. This is obviously important for maintaining confidentiality in any online legal documents. Electronic signatures are highly secure, which is obviously important for maintaining confidentiality in any online legal documents.

Because this audit trail contains the signer’s email address as well as the device IP, document fingerprint, and time stamp, it is extremely difficult to forge (if not impossible). The programme for electronic signatures that you choose with absolutely needs to have this audit trail.

Defining the best electronic signature software

Identifying the most reliable software for digital signatures
Every single electronic signature solution comes with its own one-of-a-kind collection of features, capabilities, and services. The piece of software that is best for you is the one that offers solutions to the issues that arise regularly in the course of your work.
In the following, we will go through some of the most typical problems that arise in business, and then we will examine how electronic signature software could be able to help solve some of these problems.

Effectiveness as Well as User-Friendliness
You will save a significant amount of time as well as hundreds of dollars in printing, paper, postage, and administrative fees if you use a solution that allows electronic signatures.

Pick a piece of software that can generate electronic signatures and has a user interface that is both simple and straightforward.

New users can take advantage of the straightforward help function, which will make it possible for them to navigate the dashboard in a rapid and effective manner. You need to be able to develop a collection of templates that can be easily adjusted on the go by adding in custom fields, and you need to be able to do this while you are moving about.

If you require signatures in-person or remotely, or if you need to sign a document yourself, your electronic signature software should be able to accommodate all of these scenarios.

You should be able to either upload your signature or quickly draw signatures online utilising a fluid signature interface that can capture your handwritten signature. In an ideal world, the programme would allow you to do either of these things. If you are transferring papers to another party, you should also have the ability to add check boxes, images, text, and annotations to your document. You should also be able to highlight the parts that need to be signed by the recipient.

Additionally, if you haven’t completed your work yet, you should be able to store it as a draught in the software. This will allow you to access it even when you aren’t connected to the internet.

Integration of Apps
The fact that software updates have not been designed with the end user in mind is the primary factor contributing to their unfavourable reception. The procedure shouldn’t be difficult to complete regardless of whether you require a single signature from a single individual or a dozen signatures from a number of different persons.

This is where the inherent integration of apps comes into play.

Do you need to put your signature on a document created in Microsoft Word or Excel, a PDF, or a Google Doc? How about in file formats like JPG or PNG? No issue. In a best-case scenario, your electronic signature software would support each and every one of these file types.

You can import or export documents from your email, the cloud, or a wide variety of other applications. You can import documents directly within Signeasy’s own platforms or use the drag-and-drop functionality to import documents from a wide variety of third-party integrations. Signeasy makes this functionality available.

Your chosen electronic signature solution should streamline your work processes and be compatible with the most widely used third-party office software on the market today. Your electronic signature software should have your back whether you use it for customer relationship management (CRM) systems like Zoho CRM or file storage applications like Dropbox, G Suite, Google Drive, Evernote, Box, or Gmail.

Platform Agnostic
Take into consideration the locations from where you typically gather electronic signatures. Will your service be able to collect signatures offline, remotely, or in person using whatever device you want, regardless of the type of device? You should be able to access the most reliable electronic signature solution on any device—a smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop computer—in order for it to be considered the best.

It shouldn’t make a difference to the electronic signature software you use whether you choose to sign on a desktop computer, in person, on a smartphone or tablet, using Android, Apple, or both devices.

Your electronic signature software solution should always be up to date with the latest releases of all of these mobile phone apps. This will ensure that you have a smooth and quick experience, even if you decide to upgrade your device.

Cost That Is Acceptable
When it comes to pricing, it is quite important to have flexibility as well as relevancy to your operation.

The pricing plan that the developer offers ought to take into account the size of your corporation as well as your requirements. This also implies that you will have the capability to effortlessly add additional users to the pricing plan and scale up as your company expands.

If you need a solution that is specific to your needs, the ideal developer of an electronic signature would also provide an API developer option that you could discuss and tailor to your specifications.

Reliable Safety and Protection
Your source of electronic signature solution ought to be dependable and in conformity with key international standards. After all, you are entrusting them with the most sensitive information you own. It is necessary to have documents stored in a safe location that can be easily accessible.

Your electronic signature programme needs to provide a cloud-based storage option and ensure that all documents are encrypted using SSL both during transmission and while they are being saved. In addition to this, they are required to be globally recognised and comply with the ESIGN Act and eIDAS.

The use of a passcode in conjunction with fingerprint authentication is critical for further safety.

You should be able to pick who has access to which papers, so ensuring that extremely sensitive information is only discussed with the proper people.

Best Electronic Signature Software: Signeasy

In an idealised version of the corporate world, there are no issues or concerns of any kind. However, life is far from perfect. When you are looking for the best electronic signature software for your organisation, you should read reviews to determine whether or not the company addresses the issues that are being raised by its clients.

What you need is a customer relations team that can deliver expertly and effectively, despite the fact that you may be in a different time zone than they are. Look for reviews that contain the phrases “help,” “support,” “customer,” and “email,” and read what previous customers have said about their experiences with contacting customer support to find out how they felt about the company.

Signeasy Is Considered the Best Software for Electronic Signatures
Signeasy receives regularly positive ratings on technology sites, reviews that highlight how affordable the service is as well as how easy it is to use.

Remember what we said: before going any further with the electronic signature software of your choice, you should always check out the feedback given by independent customers.

Already Depended Upon by 5 Million Different Users
Since we first opened our doors, Signeasy has grown to become the premier provider of electronic signature solutions for businesses of all sizes, and today we serve over 5 million customers in over 150 countries across the world. Our customers come from a diverse range of fields, including the legal, financial, sales, and retail sectors, as well as those in human resources, logistics, education, and healthcare.

Customers including Berkshire Partners, Urban Decay, Discovery Communications, Cleartrip, and TH Foods have expressed their satisfaction with the company.

“The paperwork that used to take 12 to 24 hours now just takes 2-4 minutes thanks to Signeasy. That means that something that used to take a full workday can now be finished during a break for tea. There has been a 99.7 percent increase in productivity. Because they can be closed in real time, deals are recorded and preserved. Robert Couture is the Managing Partner at S&C Homebuyers.

Signeasy also has a collaboration with WeWork, which enables the company to bring the most advanced electronic signature solution to coworking and office locations all around the world.

We come highly recommended by some of the most prestigious publications in the business world, such as Forbes, Inc., and TWN. Even Apple chose Signeasy as the best app for running a business.

21 different languages are supported.
Woah! Because it is able to communicate in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, and Thai, Signeasy is in fact a truly global electronic signature solution.

Ask us if we don’t already offer assistance and documentation in the language you want; we might be able to add it soon!

Administration of access

You have the ability to choose who gets access to specific papers, allowing you to guarantee that extremely sensitive information is only discussed with the appropriate people.

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