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best email clients for Mac in 2021

by stacy

Email is a necessary component of every workday, and this isn’t likely to alter anytime in the foreseeable future. And, if you use a Mac, one of the most important things you can do to improve your email experience is to utilize a decent Mac email client like Thunderbird. Native apps simply perform better on a Mac, and there are a plethora of options available when it comes to email.

There’s a better approach to deal with email than what you’re now using.

What makes a great email client for Mac?

Email apps can have a significant impact on how you receive and read incoming mail, navigate your inbox, organize messages, and compose responses to those messages. We’ve looked deep into the pool of email clients available for the Mac, and we’re going to share our recommendations for the best of the best with you here.

What characteristics distinguish a great email client on the Mac?
We looked at a slew of different Mac email apps. The following are the features that, in our opinion, the finest Mac email programs provide:

A comprehensive set of email functions. Reading, composing, searching, and arranging your e-mail are all tasks that you must be capable of performing. This means that tools that serve a single purpose, such as notifications or a menu bar icon, were excluded from consideration; instead, we are seeking comprehensive email solutions.

Support for a broad range of services is available. Others, such as Gmail and Office 365, are developed with a specific service in mind, but others support multiple providers and open protocols, and some are built entirely from scratch. We made an effort to select programs that could support as many services as feasible.

A strong emphasis on the user’s experience. We strongly preferred native applications over web-based wrappers for web-based applications.

Cutting-edge features. When it comes to email filtering and search, as well as automation and custom notifications, the finest email programs allow you to fine-tune the way everything works.

Improvements in overall quality of life. Some clients provide features that make work easier, whether it’s read receipts, the option to snooze emails or reminders regarding follow-ups. This is one of the advantages that the finest clients provide.

There is no single email program that will meet all of your needs, so it’s up to you to decide how much you’re prepared to pay, which app feels the most comfortable, and which features you must-have in your email client.

The 7 best email clients for Mac

  1. Apple Mail is a simple, free email client.
  2. Airmail is a feature-rich alternative to Apple Mail that is free to use.
  3. Collaboration on emails is sparked by this.
  4. Canary Mail is an email client that is focused on security.
  5. Microsoft Outlook is designed for users who place a high emphasis on features above simplicity.
  6. MailMate is a program that allows you to write plaintext and Markdown-compliant emails.
  7. Mailspring is a Mac email client that is quick, free, and packed with features.
  8. The best Mac email client for those looking for a simple, free solution
    Apple Mail is a program that allows you to send and receive emails.

Best Mac email client for a basic, free solution

Apple Mail is already installed on your Mac, which makes it an excellent default choice in and of itself. The app received a design makeover for Big Sur, and as a result, it appears much more contemporary. After giving this one passing thought, it might be time to give it another look.

Apple Mail is simple to set up and use. It’s a straightforward email client that works with a variety of services, including the company’s iCloud Mail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Exchange, and AOL Mail, among others. Also supported are your IMAP and POP3 accounts, with S/MIME support for end-to-end encryption for further security and peace of mind.

The user interface is straightforward, with mails, folders, and accounts all accessible from the sidebar of the screen. Threaded discussions are presented as a series of messages that are split by subject. Unified mailboxes allow you to see all of your incoming, sent, and draught mail in a single list by default, but you can choose particular mailboxes if you want. Unified mailboxes are available in both Windows and Mac versions.

One particularly noteworthy feature is the inclusion of smart mailboxes, which filter your mail according to the rules that you choose. Navigate to Mailbox > New Smart Mailbox to provide the criteria by which you want your messages to be sorted and filtered (e.g., unread messages, mail with attachments, or messages you never responded to). Your filters can then be accessed quickly from the sidebar that appears beneath the Smart Mailboxes heading.

Additionally, there are numerous extra bells and whistles. Apple’s Handoff feature allows you to easily continue where you left off on your mobile device, and Mail Drop uploads large attachments to iCloud for quicker sharing and collaboration. This is a good email client, and you already have it installed on your computer. The majority of users should take a look at it initially.

Apple Mail is available for free.

Another free email client to consider is Mozilla Thunderbird, which was developed by the same people that created Firefox. Lightning is a free and very flexible email client that has the appearance of a classic version of Microsoft Outlook. A few of the more helpful features include tabbed email, the ability to send huge attachments via cloud storage, and the flexibility to drastically alter the look and feel of the app.

Best Mac email client for a feature-rich alternative to Apple Mail

Screenshot of Airmail
Taking the fundamental concept of an email client such as Apple Mail and expanding on it with more current features and an emphasis on speed, Airmail is an excellent alternative. In addition to Gmail and Outlook, there is extensive support for Exchange and IMAP/POP3 mailboxes, as well as other popular email providers. It is possible to access and respond to all of your emails from a single unified inbox, which consolidates all of your accounts into a single location for convenience. The dropdown menu that appears when you create a new message allows you to choose which of your associated accounts and personas you want to send the message from.

It is a lightweight email client that is not bloated with functionality that you do not require. Airmail is a free download. If you’re familiar with the keyboard shortcuts used by Gmail, you’re in luck because Airmail makes use of them by default. Additionally, you can create your shortcuts. With two fingers on your trackpad, swipe left or right to archive or discard a message. You may also create your custom swipe actions (such as snoozing a message or marking a message as reading/unread) from within the Airmail’s preferences.

In-line replies to messages are enabled by using the Quick Reply button, which allows you to respond to a message in-line. The small speech bubble symbol will appear when you click it, and a reply form will appear, making it simple to respond to a specific message in a thread without losing your place in the thread. Similar to Apple Mail, the process of creating a new message or “full” reply takes place in a separate window. It is possible to drag and drop your attachments into this window, and it fully supports the iCloud Mail Drop link sharing feature.

Simply snooze email directly from your inbox so that it appears at a more appropriate time, which you may select in Airmail’s preferences, and it will be delivered. Toss your messages into Airmail’s built-in organizer, which you can access with two clicks or a keyboard shortcut, and they’ll become to-dos or memos. The organizer is located at the bottom of the sidebar and is designed to appear and feel similar to an inbox for managing your calendar. You can even access your Google Contacts right from the app, thanks to Google’s search-as-you-type technology, which allows you to search as you enter.

It’s a quick, sleek, and feature-rich application.

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