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by stacy

The 7 best email clients for Windows in 2021

Five hours. That’s the time we spend each day checking our personal and business emails at work. Are we more productive with email? Yep.

There is a better way to manage email

A desktop email client allows you to bring all your accounts together, use a variety of productivity tools, and even integrate other apps. These apps are easy to use and offer more power than web applications. A Windows email app is the best choice if you’re a devoted Windows user.

We reviewed nearly two dozen Windows email programs to help you better understand the options. We’ll be sharing the top eight, but first, let’s talk about how we evaluated and made our choices.

What makes an email client for Windows great?

It doesn’t matter which webmail service you use (Gmail Yahoo! Outlook, AOL, or any other), desktop email clients will work with all providers. This was the basis for our search–apps, which worked well with many email services.

We then looked at the key elements of user experience, namely ease of setup, use, and customization options. Our picks were all easy to use, and it took us less than five minutes to send emails. Every email client in this list can be customized to provide the experience you desire. This is what makes desktop apps worthwhile.

We also looked at the features that make each app unique. Automated email routing, chat, templates, and filtering are all productivity features that can help you make more of your day. Your most used third-party apps can be connected to your inbox, which makes it easier to work efficiently, especially if your main focus is email.

These are the 7 best Windows email apps

  • eM client to customize
  • Thunderbird to get a free email client
  • Mailbird to people who live in their email inbox
  • Windows Mail to simplify
  • Microsoft Outlook to email with a strong business platform
  • Kiwi for Gmail For Gmail power users
  • The Bat! Security and Encryption

Best Windows email client for customization

eM client’s modern, intuitive UI makes it easy to use. However, it might not be for everyone. You have the option to change almost every aspect of the UI and you can choose from a variety of themes.

Pick your layout. You can either turn off or place messages at the bottom. Common actions like reply, forward, archive, and others are located at the top. You can also add, delete and rearrange the information by right-clicking any of these actions. To make it easy to find past conversations, you will see a list of emails that have been sent with this address on the right.

To fine-tune most of the UI, visit Settings Appearance Themes. Select Theme editor from the menu. You can change the hovered-over buttons in your theme’s blue color to purple. It’s possible. You can also change spinning wheels, progress bars, and links with just a few clicks.

Sidebar with contact information, past conversations, agendas, calendars, and invitations. You can also reorder and remove these items. To add a task, click on the checkmark icon in the sidebar. Type in a task note and choose a due date.

Quick Text allows you to create templates that can be used in multiple emails. eM Client’s greatest weakness is its inability to connect to a mobile application. eM Client can sync to another mobile app to ensure that your email is always up-to-date.

eM Pricing: Two accounts are free; $49.95 for the Pro version which includes VIP support, unlimited accounts, and commercial use.

Best free Windows email client


Thunderbird allows you to specify where your email is located locally, schedule backups, and manage server settings. You can also use it to secure your data, such as end-to-end encryption, which isn’t available in other clients. Thunderbird is open-source, which means that it has many add-ons from different developers to enhance the user experience. It’s all completely free.

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