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Best Email Subject Line Styles to Increase Your Open Rates

by stacy

Your subject line is the first (and, in some cases, the last) impression you make on users. In many ways, the subject line of your email is more significant than the body of your email. After all, a fantastic newsletter is meaningless if it never makes it to the inbox of a single reader.

When it comes to writing slam dunk subject lines, there are a few different schools of thought to choose from. The nine main types of good email subject lines will be discussed in detail, with numerous case studies interspersed. Because more opens equate to more sales on the internet.

1. Email subject lines that are short and to the point.

While there is much to be said about simplicity, it is essential that you are precise and concise in your subject lines, since time is always a valuable resource.

MailChimp conducted a study on email subject lines and discovered that short, descriptive subject lines outperformed cheesy lures in terms of conversion rates. Some may take offense to the suggestion that comedy and inventiveness should be relegated to the background when developing effective subject lines for emails, especially given the fact that many marketing gurus disagree. Also worth noting is that this brief technique works best with notification emails because the recipient already has a connection with the content you’re giving.

excellent subject lines for emails
email subject lines that are effective
The majority of these subject line examples are updates or notifications related to a user’s social media activity, order status, or other similar information. These emails have a specific function, and as a result, the subject lines should be tailored to that reason.

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2. Email Subject Lines That Are Hilarious

An amusing subject line can truly stand out amongst the other dry, monotonous emails that are sent out regularly. Despite this, humor is a delicate subject — it thrives on exclusivity, which isn’t always ideal when you’re attempting to appeal to a broad audience. However, if you are familiar with your audience and your emails are targeted, a well-placed joke can increase the likelihood of your email being opened as well as your reputation among those who are on your wavelength.

Here are some examples of amusing email subject lines:

Please, Don’t Touch Me! The Multitouch Enterprise Defense Against the Dark Arts: ESAPI Do Gamers Dream of HTML5 Sheep? Do Gamers Dream of HTML5 Sheep?
Learn how to put the Lean in Learn with this LEAN STARTUP: Baby Got (Feed)Back.
However, some people who did not attend Hogwarts or who did not complete the Voight-Kampff empathy test may be confused by the ingenuity of the other amusing email subject lines. That said, if you can remember every lyric of Sir Mix a Lot’s Baby Got Back from start to finish…as some of us can…you would appreciate the subject line “Lean Startup.”

Please keep in mind that the fantastic email subject lines above, as well as some text subject lines below, were taken from this ClickZ post, which contains numerous excellent examples.

3. Email Subject Lines That Are Controversial or Shocking

In some cases, controversy is profitable, and it almost always attracts attention. It is imperative that you exercise extreme caution when using shock, controversy, or offense in your subject lines. You might gain more opens, but it will come at the expense of customers. This method necessitates your confidence in your knowledge of your audience’s preferences and views. Even while it’s a little bit of a chance, the pay-off can be rather rewarding — would you simply ignore the subject lines that appear below? No way in hell.

Everyone Is Gay: Using Social Media as a Tool for Social Change
Why Your 5-Year-Old Is More Digitally Oriented Than the Average CMO
Your Marketing Is Failing You: Why You Must Think Locally 4. Subject Lines with a single word
To create effective email subject line strategies, one option is to go ultra-minimalist and use one-word subject lines. Allow me to show you something from my Gmail’s promotions tab. There are plans for a substantial redesign of the promotion tab — Google will begin to display promotional emails in an image-oriented design that is inspired by the Pinterest platform. If this new configuration remains in place, images will supplant subject lines as the most important email element.

4. Single-Word Subject Lines

We still have to be concerned about the current situation of the promotions tab till that time comes. Hundreds of unopened emails are piled up on the desk, adding to the craziness. Which one stands out the most to you? Amazon Local’s M3 subject line is the one that stands out to me.

subject lines for emails that are effective
It is easy to understand why the Amazon Local subject line attracts attention from a design standpoint — its length and shape distinguish it from the other generally similar-looking structures in the email subject line.

An additional excellent email subject line example comes from Mequoda, who uses the straightforward subject line of:


It’s only a single word, but it has a significant emotional impact. What exactly should I be concerned about? Is it possible that I’m in danger? What exactly is going on? Is it possible that I’m experiencing an existential crisis? Words that strike a deep emotional chord leave a lasting imprint.

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