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Best Scan To Email Printer – Before We Get Into The Topic ,Lets Learn Some Basic Of This Topic

The Best All-in-One Printers for 2021

Multifunction printers (MFPs), also known as all-in-ones or AIOs, add a range of features beyond printing. All can also copy and scan, and many add faxing to the mix. We love small, affordable models that can be used at home or in the office. They range in price from $100 to large machines capable of anchoring a busy workgroup with duty cycles that span tens to thousands of pages per month.

There are many MFPs available from printer manufacturers, including laser-based and inkjet-based. (You might be surprised to learn which printer technology is better for you.) It can be difficult to find the right model for you, given the variety of brands and print technologies. Here are some key points to remember when looking for an AIO printer.

Are you looking for an AIO for your home or office?

MFPs can be classified by their intended use. This is the best way to do so: at home, in an office or both. You will want an inkjet if you are looking for a home MFP. A photo-lab MFP is the best choice if you are primarily interested in photos and want to be able to print them from any source, including memory cards, USB keys, cameras, slides and strips of film. This subcategory has only a handful of options. You can identify them by their ability scan slides and strips, which is something most MFPs do not offer.

When looking for an MFP strictly for an office, you probably care more about text than photos, which means you’ll want a laser or laser-class printer. (The latter type includes LED printers, and even some inkjets.) You probably also want it to support faxing, though there is much to be said for using an online fax service instead, and to include an automatic document feeder (ADF) to scan, copy, fax, and email multipage documents.

If you need a printer for the dual role of home and home-office MFP, you’ll want an inkjet for its photo quality, but one equipped with office-centric features like an ADF and a fax modem.

AIO Printers: Key Functions & Features

It’s important to get beyond the generalities of MFPs for home and work. Make a list and prioritize what you need.

Although scanning and printing are common tasks, copying is not as easy as you might think. Some MFPs can only scan over a USB connection. Make sure that the scanner works over a network if you intend to connect. It is rare to be able to scan transparencies (slides or strips of film) and it is often listed separately. Make sure you check the size of the MFP that can handle transparencies. They are usually limited to 35mm.

For copying, some MFPs require a computer. You can copy with the computer off if you have an MFP that works as a standalone copier.

A fax feature almost always includes standalone faxing, which you control through the MFP’s keypad. But it doesn’t necessarily include a PC faxing function—faxing documents directly from your PC without having to print them first. PC faxing can be in the form of a fax utility, a fax driver that you use like a print driver, or both.

There are two types of email features. Direct-email allows you to scan pages and send emails directly to your Internet Service Provider (ISP)/in-house email server. For low-end MFPs, the most common option is to open an email message from a computer and attach the scanned document. Each MFP can provide either one or both types of email. Some direct-email features may not work with all ISPs. Before you buy, make sure you verify.

Most MFPs include flatbeds suitable for scanning photos or single-sheet documents. An automatic document feeder (ADF) will let you easily scan (plus copy, fax, and email) multipage documents. For MFPs with letter-size flatbeds, an ADF will often let you scan legal-size pages as well, but not all do, so check first.

A few ADFs are capable of performing duplex scans, which means they can scan both sides a page. This feature is worth considering if you work with multiple two-sided documents. MFPs that allow duplex scanning scan one side of the document and turn it over before scanning the other. However, some MFPs can do one-pass scanning, which allows you to scan both sides at once. You can print duplicates of both single-sided and double-sided originals if the MFP has a print duplexer.

Color Printing: Up or Down?

You don’t need to print in color if you do not use it. However, many color laser MFPs are capable of printing at a high enough quality that you can print your marketing materials at home. This could make it less costly than printing small quantities at a local print shop.

With almost no exceptions, however, inkjet AIOs are color-capable. You’ll get color printing whether you need it or not with inkjets.

Print Size and Connectivity: Do you have the Space?

MFPs are generally larger than single-function printers. Some MFPs at home can even be so tall that they seem to tower over you, if placed on your desk. Even though you probably won’t be using it often, make sure you check the MFP’s weight and size.

There’s also connectivity which may tie in with where your printer is placed. Some MFPs have an Ethernet port and some include a USB port. Most printers, except the most expensive, support wireless Wi-Fi sharing. Wi-Fi is a preferred option. If your network has a wireless access point, you can wirelessly print to any printer or MFP that you connect to that network.

Some MFPs have Wi-Fi Direct support. This allows the printer to act as its own access point, allowing you to connect your phone or computer directly instead of through a network. Some MFPs support Near-Field Communication (NFC), which allows printing to be initiated from compatible mobile devices by simply tapping the printer’s screen with a smartphone or tablet.

Assessment of Scan/Print Quality (and Quantity).

You may also need to inspect the quality of the scanner’s scans. This is not a problem for offices as almost any scanner can scan documents at sufficient quality to copy or optical character recognition. However, photos will require a more detailed look, especially transparencies.

When you’re calculating the duty cycle and input capacity you’ll need for an MFP, remember to factor in copies and incoming faxes to the total number of pages you’ll print. Also, be sure to check cost of ownership over the life of the printer. Compare the total cost for each model you’re considering to find out which will be most economical in the long run.

What All-in-One Printer Should You Buy?

No matter if you are looking for an office or home-based MFP, our top-rated MFPs are a great place to start. You can also find our top picks for printers, including our favourite inkjet models and laser models.

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