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Better search for Chrome OS with Google Now

by Merlin s

Here you can see ” Google Now allows for more efficient search Chrome OS”.

Google has released Chrome OS version Google has now launched Chrome OS version This feature was available in Chrome OS’s beta version. All Chromebooks now have access to Google’s anticipatory Search Computing Engine in the public release.


Chrome OS 42.0.2311.87, which is also available with Google Now will add the fabric Design to Chrome OS. It will be easier to search for and use voice searches with a new calculator and a more powerful Chrome OS Launcher.

Google Now lets users search online. It integrates with Google Search, a Google product. And it anticipates when you will need it to deliver relevant results. Google Now, for example, will provide information about the weather at work and traffic conditions. It also provides news snippets that support your search history. In a card-like interface, Google shows the knowledge it believes is relevant to your search.


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