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Blinking Internet Light On Router (How To Troubleshoot)

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We’ve all been in that situation. You’re online watching your favourite show, playing games, or simply finishing some crucial work when you see your router’s flickering internet light. You’re stuck because your internet connection is down, and you’re not sure what to do.

This could be a nightmare, but you can do something about it and fix the problem yourself. These are tried-and-true solutions to the blinking light problem on the internet.

Why does my Router’s Internet light blink?

Internet light blinking on router

Before you start with the troubleshooting it is important to know what’s actually happening and what might be the reason for this issue. The blinking light on your router can be caused by a weak signal or problems connecting to your ISP. There are many possible explanations. There are several solutions that you can try, regardless of the reason.

So, let’s begin!

Troubleshooting Tips for a Blinking Router Internet Light

While some of these solutions may seem simple, others will require more experience. However, if you don’t feel comfortable applying some of the solutions, feel free to skip to the last step and contact your ISP support and ask for their help.

Examine the Cables Carefully

These are the things you need to be aware of when inspecting cables.

1. Are any of these cables broken?This may seem impossible, but it is possible. If you or your pet reach for the cable and grab onto it, the damage will be irreversible. Even if you notice that one of the cables is bent too much this can mean it’s damaged.

check the cables

2. Are the connectors loose or damaged?Pay attention to connectors. The connection can become loose quickly if the plastic part on the Ethernet cable connector breaks.

This makes the Ethernet cable connector fit tightly into the port. It also produces a clicking sound when the cable is pushed into the port. If the connection is not tight, you can pull it gently. It is possible to reconnect it again. You should also check that the coax cables are securely fastened.

3. Is everything connected correctly?Sometimes it happens that we accidentally connect the cable to an incorrect port when we change our router, splitter or modem. Double-check this.

If you see anything odd while inspecting cables, either replace it or disconnect it and reconnect it. Next, check the internet lamp. If it’s still blinking continue with the troubleshooting.

Restart the Router or The Entire Network

Restarting the router or your entire network (the modem and the router) can clear out any current problems that may be causing your router’s internet light to blink continuously.

You can restart your router by disconnecting it from power. After 5 minutes, you can reconnect it. This is usually enough to clear the router’s cache memory and eventually fix any glitches.

To restart your network you must first unplug the router and then reconnect the modem. You can also remove the backup battery if your modem has one.

Let them sit for five minutes, then insert the battery into the modem. Finally, connect the modem. The router will then start up. It should then boot up. Next, check your Internet connection and the Internet light.

Have you recently updated your router firmware?

We must admit, many people don’t bother to keep the router firmware current unless they are automatically pushed by their ISP.

But, outdated firmware can lead to problems such as blinking internet lights. If you want to make sure your router is using the latest available firmware version, you have to login to your router’s admin dashboard and check that personally. The firmware section can be found under the following heading: AdministrationOder Utilities.

You will most likely be able to determine if there is a newer version or not. Check out button. Follow the steps to upgrade your router’s firmware. The firmware upgrade will fix the problem if that is the cause of the flashing internet lights.

Reset the Router to Factory Defaults

This is by far the most popular option. This is because the router will need to be reconfigured after the factory reset. This operation wipes out all of your personalised settings, so don’t do it unless you have the default router login information and instructions from your ISP on how to set up your connection.

reset button on router

We prefer the manual method when it comes to setting the router back to factory defaults. You will need to locate the reset button on the router’s back, hold it for between 10-30 seconds and then wait until it reboots.

This button is usually hidden in a pinhole on routers so you will need to use a pointed object (paperclip or pen) to press and hold it. After that, you should be able to login using the router’s default admin login details and begin the configuration process.

Final words

As you can see, none of the options provided above require any technical expertise. However, some people find it difficult, so it’s best to get assistance. Support can be delivered at your location or provided remotely.

They may also be able to notify you of network changes or service disruptions that have caused the internet light to malfunction. In any case, we hope you now have or will have a working internet connection within the next few minutes if you follow the tech support instructions.

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