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How Cleartrip improved operational efficiency using Signeasy

by stacy

Cleartrip was established in 2006 with the goal of providing seamless travel experiences that are centred on the needs of the consumer. It is presently one of the most prominent participants in the online travel market in India, thanks to its comprehensive listing of more than 600,000 hotels located all over the world. The impressive growth of the company, on the other hand, was not without a price: the onboarding process for new hotel partners moved at a snail’s pace.

Signeasy was the company that they decided to use when they decided to follow in their predecessors’ footsteps and search for an electronic signature solution. Cleartrip is able to provide a pleasant experience for its partners during the onboarding process by utilising Signeasy’s many useful features, which include both in-person and remote signature as well as reusable document templates.

Let’s take a closer look at the obstacle that the company was attempting to overcome before delving any further into how Signeasy assisted Cleartrip in increasing the effectiveness of its operations.

The problem was that the annoying paperwork was lowering the efficiency of the team.

Cleartrip was interested in increasing their presence in West Asian countries. This plan, at its core, was centred on making significant investments in the hospitality industry. The team was putting in a lot of effort to ramp up the product in order to provide guests with an improved hotel experience. Nonetheless, scaling up the hotel partner onboarding process was quite a difficulty, and this was despite the fact that we had a large workforce that was scattered across India.

One of the primary points of contention between them concerned the documentation associated with the relationship. After receiving the contract, the partner was required to fill in their information, sign it, and then send it back to the main office through overnight delivery. This resulted in a significant amount of back-and-forth communication almost always, as the majority of hotel partners frequently overlooked some obligatory particulars.

How Cleartrip’s partner onboarding process was made easier with the help of Signeasy

(1) Accelerate the process of setting up partner documents

Creating a partner contract that is 12 pages long and covers many hotels can be a time-consuming and laborious daily process to do. The team was able to avoid wasting time on such activities thanks to the Templates feature of Signeasy.


They need only draught a template for a partner contract, then simply make the necessary changes and send it out to be signed. This functionality has been used to produce approximately half of all of the contracts that the hotels team at Cleartrip has distributed to customers.

(2) Make sure there is a quicker response time for contracts.

The team was able to onboard partners more quickly as a result of the capacity they had that enabled them to direct partners through the mandatory fields in the contract. Over the course of slightly more than three months, Signeasy has been utilised to witness the signing of over 8,000 partner contracts.


(3) Easily monitor the development of agreements with business partners

With the help of Signeasy, the hotel team could easily send a friendly reminder to a partner who had not yet signed a contract in order to speed up the signing process.


(4) Provide a better on-boarding experience for mobile users.

How do we engage users who are less familiar with technology? This is one of the most pressing concerns for digital enterprises operating in the Indian market. Because Signeasy enables users to sign documents in person, our team was able to personally meet with our business partners and obtain their signatures.

(5) Simple access to partner contracts that have been signed in the past

It may take a significant amount of time to retrieve an older contract from a massive stack. Signeasy alleviated this burden for the team by archiving all of the partner contracts that had been executed in a one location. They were able to improve their relationships with their partners as a result of this. Signeasy-has-helped-us-drive-team-efficiency-and-productivity

Cleartrip being given the ability to prioritise its customers

Cleartrip was able to introduce new hotel offerings to the market significantly faster with the assistance of Signeasy. This might have a considerable effect on revenue in an industry that is notoriously cut-throat, like that of online travel in India. Especially considering that a recent analysis by Google India and BCG forecasts that by the year 2020, one out of every three hotel rooms will be bought online.

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After observing Signeasy’s capacity to facilitate the management of partner contract procedures with relative ease, the hyper-local team at Cleartrip moved swiftly to implement the solution. At the moment, the team relies on Signeasy to carry out the execution of around 2,000 contracts per month. Not only has this made the process of onboarding vendors easier, but it has also contributed to an improvement in their relationship with those providers.

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