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Can I Scan and Email Several?

by stacy

Scanning and emailing documents can be a time-consuming process. With DocScanner, you can scan and email multiple documents at once, saving you time and making your work easier.

What is a scan and email service?

Scan and email services let you send scanned or emailed documents to other people. You can use scan and email services to send large files, or to share documents that you don’t want others to access online.

How does a scan and email service work?

Scan and email services work by scanning documents and sending them as PDFs or emails. The recipient can then open the documents with any PDF reader or email application. Some scan and email services also include secure document storage, so recipients can access the documents even if they don’t have a printer or email address.

What are the benefits of using a scan and email service?

There are many benefits to using a scan and email service. Some of the benefits include: saving time, reducing clutter, and staying organized. Scan and email services can help you save time by automatically sending your scanned documents to your email account. They can also help you reduce clutter by organizing your scans into specific folders. Lastly, emailing scans can help you stay organized because it keeps all of your documents in one place.

Are there any disadvantages to using a scan and email service?

There are a few potential downfalls to using a scan and email service. First, if there is a problem with the scan or email, it can be difficult to troubleshoot. Additionally, some services require that you sign up for an account, which can be time-consuming. Finally, some services only offer limited email storage space, so it may be necessary to move your scans and emails to another service if you run out of space.


Yes, you can email several documents at once using the Scan to Email feature. Just open the document you want to send, click on the Scan button in the bottom right corner of the window, and enter your email address in the To field. Then, click on Send.

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