Email scanning is one of the most important steps any business can take to protect their data. avast! Antivirus provides a powerful and easy-to-use email scanner that can help you identify and remove viruses from your email before they can do any damage. In this article, we will show you how to scan email for viruses with avast! Antivirus and explain some of the key features of the software. We will also provide some tips on how to use avast! Antivirus to improve your email security.

What is AVAST?

Avast is a popular antivirus software that can scan email for viruses.

What viruses can avast scan for?

Avast software is a great way to scan your email for viruses. You can use it to check the contents of an email, or scan all files attached to an email. There are a few different types of viruses that avast can detect, including:

  • Windows viruses
  • MacOS viruses
  • Linux/UNIX viruses
  • iPhone/iPad viruses
  • Android apps and games viruses
  • HTML5 and JavaScript viruses
    There are also some special virus categories that avast can detect, such as ransomware and adware.

How do I enable virus scanning in my email?

If you’re looking to take some extra precautions when it comes to your email correspondence, you can enable virus scanning in your inbox with avast! While not a guarantee that all emails will be checked for viruses, this added layer of security can help to protect yourself from potential harm.

To begin, open up the Settings menu on avast and click on Security. Here, you’ll be able to select whether or not you want avast to scan all incoming emails for viruses. If you’d rather leave this decision up to the app’s discretion, simply check the box next to “Scan email for viruses”.

Once you’ve made your choice, click on the Save button at the bottom of the window. From now on, any new emails that arrive in your inbox will be scanned for viruses before being allowed into your account. If an infection is detected, avast will prompt you to take appropriate action.

How does AVAST work to protect me from viruses in email?

AVAST is a powerful antivirus software that protects your computer from viruses in emails. It uses three different methods to detect viruses in email: signature-based detection, file scanning, and heuristics detection. AVAST will always scan all the files that you have attached to an email for viruses. Furthermore, it will check whether any of the files have been blocked by AVAST before.

How does avast work to detect viruses?

Avast’s Virus Shield scanning engine uses pattern recognition technology to identify known viruses and variants. The software also includes a disinfection function that can remove virus payloads from files and emails.

How avast works to scan email for viruses?

Avast! is a popular antivirus software suite that includes scanning capabilities for viruses in email. When you open an email message, avast scans it for viruses. If it finds a virus, it will display a warning message and offer to remove the virus. You can choose to either do this or keep the message intact for further review.

How to turn avast on to scan email for viruses?

There are a few ways to turn on avast’s virus scanning capabilities in your email account. Open the Settings menu (gear icon in the top right corner of your main avast window), and click on “Security.” Under “Email Security,” you can toggle on “Scan Email for Viruses”.

To scan an entire message, simply drag and drop it into the main window. Avast will scan the content of the message, as well as any attachments. To scan just a part of a message, hover over it with your cursor, and select “Scan Selected Text.” You can also choose to only scan messages from certain senders or recipients.

Is avast safe to use?

Yes, avast can scan email for viruses. However, please note that some viruses may be difficult to detect and may require additional scanning. Additionally, certain viruses may only be detected if they are in an email message as opposed to being embedded in a document or images.


Unfortunately, there is no easy answer when it comes to whether or not you can scan email for viruses with avast. The best approach would be to use the virus scanner as a last resort, only after other measures (such as scanning the message content) have failed. While avast does offer some protection against viruses in general, it’s important to remember that your antivirus software cannot detect all types of malware. In fact, quite a few variants of ransomware and spyware are designed to evade detection by traditional antivirus tools. If you want to be sure that your email is safe before opening it, we recommend using an email security app like AvastMail Scanner or AVG Secure Email Gateway instead.

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