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Can You Scan To An Email Address

by stacy

Can You Scan To An Email Address – Before  We Get Into This Topic, Let’s Learn Some Basics Of This Topic

Scan a Document to an Email Address (Scan to Email)

You can scan photographs and attach them to an email using the Email tool. The format of the attachment can be specified, and images can be scanned in color, grayscale, or black and white.

Scanned photos can be delivered to a single email address or a list of predetermined emails. Before using the Scan to Email function, you must first set up individual and group email addresses in the Address Book.

Set up and set up the printer’s Email functionality before using it. For more information, see Configure SMTP (Email) Settings Using Xerox CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS).

Can You Scan To An Email Address-Sending a Scanned Image in an Email

1.Press the Scan button on the printer’s control panel.

2.Fill in the blanks with your original documents:

  • For single pages or paper that cannot be fed by the automatic document feeder, use the platen glass. Place the original document face down in the upper-left corner of the platen glass after lifting the document feeder.
  • Use the automatic document feeder for single or multiple pages. Staples and paper clips should be removed from the pages. Place the original documents in the document feeder face up, with the top of the page going first. Make sure the paper guides are aligned with the original documents.

3.To display, use the up/down arrows. Scanning to Email is selected, and the OK button is pressed. A search option for the address book displays.

4.To choose a local or group email recipient, press OK, then choose the appropriate option:

  • Press the up/down arrows to see Local Email and then OK to select a local email recipient. To choose an email address, use the up/down arrows to navigate to the recipient’s email address, then press OK.
  • Press the up/down arrows to see Group Email and then OK to pick a specified group.
  • To choose a group, use the up/down arrows to go to the one you want, then press OK.

5.Refer to Address Book for more information on how to use and change the Address Book.

a.If the Send to Myself? option displays, press the up/down arrows to display Yes and then hit OK to receive a copy of the email.

b.If necessary, make the following changes to your email settings:

c.To display the required feature, use the up/down arrows and then press OK.

6.To display the required option, use the up/down arrows, and then press OK to save your selections.

Refer to Email Choices for further information on programming options.

7.To return to the top-level menu, press Back.

8.Start by pressing the Start button.

After scanning the original, the gadget will ask whether you wish to scan another page.

Press the up/down arrows to select Yes and then press OK to scan another page.


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