Scanning documents is a necessity for many businesses, but it can be incredibly time-consuming to manually scan everything. Thankfully, there are ways to automate the process by using innovative technology like Gmail Admin accounts. With this, you can setup scanning to email in just minutes and start digitizing your documents quickly and efficiently. But how exactly does this work? In this blog post, we’ll explain what a Gmail Admin account is, how it can help with scanning to email, and the benefits of using such an account for your business.

What is scanning to email?

When you scan to email, you are basically taking a physical piece of mail and scanning it into an electronic format so that you can send it as an email attachment. This can be useful if you need to send a document to someone but do not have access to a printer. Scanning to email is also a way to save paper and avoid having to print out documents unnecessarily.

How to scan to email using Gmail?

Assuming you have a scanner connected to your computer, scanning to email using Gmail is a simple process. First, open the Gmail account you wish to use. Then, click the “Compose” button to create a new email. In the “To” field, enter the email address you wish to send the scanned document to.

Next, click the “Attach” button and select “Scanner” from the drop-down menu. A pop-up window will appear; select your scanner from the list of available devices and click “OK.” The scanner will automatically scan the document and attach it to the email. Finally, click “Send” to send the email with the attached document.

How to set up scanning to email using Gmail?

If you’re using Gmail for your business, you can set up scanning to email using the Gmail Admin console. To do this, first, go to the Devices tab and click on the printer that you want to enable scanning for. Next, click on the Configure button and select Scan to Email. Then, enter the email address that you want scans to be sent to in the Recipient field and click Save. That’s it! Your scanner will now be configured to send emails to your Gmail account.

Pros and cons of scanning to email

There are a few pros and cons to scanning to email using your Gmail account. One pro is that you can access your scanned documents from anywhere with an internet connection. Another pro is that scanning to email is usually a quicker process than printing and mailing or faxing documents. A con of scanning to email is that it may not be as secure as other methods of sending sensitive information. Another con is that you may not be able to edit the document after it has been scanned.

Benefits of scanning to email

There are many benefits of scanning to email using a gmail admin account. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it can save you time. If you are constantly having to print out documents and then scan them in order to email them, this can be a real time-saver. In addition, it can also save you money on paper and printer ink.

Another benefit of scanning to email using a gmail admin account is that it can help you to be more organized. If you tend to misplace physical documents, scanning them and saving them electronically can help you to keep track of them more easily. This can be especially helpful if you need to access important documents on a regular basis.

Finally, scanning to email using a gmail admin account can also help to protect your documents from being lost or damaged. If you store all of your important documents electronically, you won’t have to worry about them being damaged in a fire or flood.

Other ways to scan documents

If you’re looking for alternatives to scanning documents using a Gmail admin account, there are plenty of other options available. Many scanners come with their own software that can be used to scan documents and save them as PDFs, which can then be emailed. There are also a number of free online document scanning services that can be used to scan documents and email them as PDFs. Finally, if you have a smartphone or tablet, there are several apps available that can be used to scan documents and email them as PDFs.

Alternatives to Gmail for scanning to email

There are a few alternatives to Gmail for scanning to email. One is Yahoo Mail, which offers a similar experience with a slightly different interface. Another option is Microsoft Outlook, which also has a similar interface and functionality. Finally, there is the option of using a dedicated scanner app, such as Evernote Scannable, which can be used to scan documents and save them to your Evernote account.


In conclusion, it is possible to scan documents and email them using a Gmail account, but the process requires an additional scanner or multi-purpose printer. With the right equipment, you can easily set up your Gmail account to send scanned documents directly into other people’s inboxes. Just remember if you are using a shared admin account for scanning that everyone else has access to those emails as well!

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