Email has become an integral part of our lives, revolutionizing the way we communicate and share information with others. But what if you could scan documents to email, without having to print them out? This is where an HP MX922 scanner can help. This powerful device not only allows you to scan your documents quickly, but also allows you to easily email them as attachments. In this blog post, we will take a look at how you can use your HP MX922 printer to scan and email documents with ease.

What is scanning to email?

Scanning to email allows you to scan a document and send it as an attachment to an email. This can be useful if you need to send a scanned copy of a document to someone. scanning to email using hp mx is easy to do and only requires a few steps.

First, you need to open thehp mx scanner software on your computer. Then, place the document that you want to scan on the scanner bed. Once the document is in place, select the “scan” option from the software interface.

Next, you will be prompted to select the destination for your scan. Select “email” as the destination and enter the email address that you want to send the scanned document to. Finally, click on the “Scan” button and wait for the scanning process to complete.

The benefits of scanning to email

There are many benefits of scanning to email using an HP MX. For one, it can save you a lot of time. Rather than having to print out documents and then scan them into your computer, you can simply scan them directly into your email account. This can be a major time-saver, especially if you have a lot of documents to scan.

Another benefit of scanning to email is that it can help you save on paper and toner costs. If you only need to scan a document once, there’s no need to print it out first – you can just scan it and send it electronically. This can also help reduce the amount of paper clutter in your office or home.

Finally, scanning to email can help improve your productivity. If you’re constantly needing to scan documents but don’t have time to do so, being able to do it directly from your HP MX will make things much easier and faster for you.

How to Set Up Scan to Email?

How to Set Up Scan to Email?

In order to set up scan to email using HP MX, you will need to have an email account that is set up and working properly. Once you have verified that your email account is working, you will need to open the HP MX software. After the software is open, click on “File” and then “New.” A new window will open asking you to select a scanner. Select “HP Scanjet 8300” from the list of scanners and click “OK.” The HP MX software will now ask you to select a scanning method. Choose the “Scan To Email” option and click “Next.”

The next screen will ask you to enter the email address that you want to use for scanning. Enter the address and click “Next.” The final screen will give you the option to review your settings before starting the scan. Once you are satisfied with your settings, click on the “Scan” button to begin scanning your document.

Why You Should Use Scan to Email?

Scanning to email is a great way to send documents without having to print them first. It’s also a eco-friendly way to send documents, as you’re not using any paper or ink.

Here are some benefits of scanning to email:

  1.  You can save paper and ink: By scanning your documents and sending them electronically, you can save paper and reduce your printing costs.
  2.  It’s good for the environment: Scanning to email helps reduce your carbon footprint as you’re not using any paper or ink.
  3.  You can save time: Sending documents electronically is faster than mailing them or faxing them.
  4.  It’s convenient: You can scan and email documents from anywhere with an internet connection.

How to scan to email using hp mx922?

To scan to email using hp mx922, open the HP Print and Scan Doctor. Select your printer, then click Start. Enter your printer model number, and then click Fix Printing or Fix Scanning. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the HP Print and Scan Doctor process.

Scanning to Email with HP MX922

Assuming you have an HP MX922 printer, you can scan to email using the following steps:

  1.  Load your document into the scanner feeder.
  2.  Press the “Scan” button on the printer control panel.
  3.  Select “Email” as the scan destination.
  4.  Enter the email address you want to send the scanned document to.
  5.  Press “Start” to begin scanning.
  6.  Once the scan is complete, press “Send” to send the email with the attached scanned document.

Pros and Cons of Scanning to Email

There are a few pros and cons to scanning to email using an HP MX. On the plus side, scanning to email is a very convenient way to send documents. You can scan multiple pages at once and send them all in one email. This is especially helpful if you’re sending a large document or several documents at once. Additionally, scanning to email is generally faster than printing and faxing documents.

On the downside, scanning to email can be less secure than other methods of sending documents. Email is not as secure as faxing or mailing documents, so there is a greater chance that your document could be intercepted by someone else. Additionally, scanning to email generally results in lower-quality images than other methods like scanning to PDF.

How to Get the Best Results when Scanning to Email?

If you’re looking to scan to email using your hp mx, there are a few things you can do to ensure the best results. First, be sure to properly configure your scanning software. This means setting the right resolution, file format, and other settings that will affect the quality of your scanned image. Once you have your scanning software configured, it’s time to focus on the physical act of scanning. Be sure to place your document or object on the scanner bed correctly so that it is properly aligned. If you’re scanning a document, be sure to use a high-quality scanner and avoid wrinkling or tearing the paper. Finally, make sure you enter the correct email address for recipients – this will ensure they receive your scan in the proper format and without any issues.

Alternatives to scanning to email

There are a few alternatives to scanning to email with hp mx. One is to use a document management system like Evernote or Google Drive. This can be done by simply uploading your scanned document into the system.

Another alternative is to use an online fax service. This can be done by signing up for an account with a provider like eFax or MyFax. Once you have an account, you can then send your scanned document as a fax.

Finally, you can also save your scanned document to your computer and then attach it to an email. This can be done by scanning the document and saving it as a PDF file. Once it is saved, you can then attach it to an email and send it off.


The HP MX922 is a great multifunction printer that allows you to scan documents and send them directly to your email. With its built-in scanner, you can easily scan multiple pages and have it sent as an attachment in just seconds. This makes the HP MX922 perfect for those who need to quickly share documents with friends or colleagues without having to hassle with complicated software. With so many features packed into one convenient machine, it’s easy to see why the HP MX922 is such a popular choice among home users and businesses alike.

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