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Can You Use an Orbi Router as a Satellite?

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Satellites are an important feature of computing mesh Wi-Fi systems. Wireless coverage relies heavily on satellites. The higher the number of satellites, the better. Two to three satellites are used in most home mesh networks.

Multiple mesh networks are available for people who reside in larger homes or demand additional coverage. Netgear’s Orbi is a popular mesh network, and a recurring concern is whether we can utilize an Orbi router as a satellite to expand coverage and what alternatives there are.

Can You Use an Orbi Router as a Satellite

Orbi Router as Satellite

The simple explanation is that we can’t use an Orbi router as a satellite since it’s not a satellite. To understand why we can’t utilize a router as a substitute, you must first understand the difference between a router and a satellite.

What does a router do?

The router is usually described as connecting to a modem, however most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) offer a router/modem combo. An internet access point is connected to the router.

The term “Router” was chosen because it resembles a dispatcher. It connects your gadgets to the Internet and transfers data. The web page, email, or any other content is made up of data packets that make up internet traffic.

Web page, email, or video data packets are examples of data packets. The router makes certain that these data packets arrive at their intended destination. They read the address from the header of the data packet, which is how you obtain it on your laptop.

What is the working principle of a satellite?

As access points, satellites can be employed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wired or wireless because the only thing a satellite does in a mesh Wi-Fi system is reproduce the wireless signal from the router across the house.

It’s not like a router or an extender. Because it does not transmit its own network name, it is not a range extender. The satellite and the main router both have the same SSID. It also differs from a router in that it does not require its own wired access point.

That’s how it works: see it as an amplifier and a replicate of your home’s primary router. Of course, you may connect it to the router via an Ethernet connection, but it will do the same thing, i.e., it will imitate the router by using the same IP, SSID, and other settings.

How to Expand a Mesh Network

Satellites added

You can use an add-on satellite to extend your mesh Wi-Fi network, but you must be cautious about where you position it. It has a really straightforward synchronization procedure. The satellite must be precisely positioned where it is required.

After that, turn on the satellite and press the button. Sync Simply click the. Toggle the switches. On your router, you’ll find the same button. In under two minutes. Everything is fine if the light on your Orbi satellite goes blue.

For your satellite, you’ll need to pick a different color. To improve the connection, move it closer to the router.

Topology of the Daisy Chain

The range of your Wi-Fi system can be enhanced by distributing your Orbi Satellites in a daisy chain topology. This means that satellites near the router can interact with one another.

Your Orbi satellite uses a dynamic selection method to establish the best feasible connection at any given time. Enable the daisy chains at www.orbilogin.com. First, turn off satellites.

Once you’ve arrived, select the ADVANCED tab.

Select Wireless Settings from the Advanced Setup Select box. Once you’ve done that, go down to the bottom of the page to see Backhaul Topology. Make sure the Enable Daisy-Chain Topology box is checked.

Click “Continue” Apply after you’re finished. When the router resets, turn on the satellites one at a time, starting with the one closest to the router and working your way out.

Alternatives to Orbi Router Satellite

There are two ways to get more Orbi satellites. To begin, switch your router to bridge mode. The second step is to designate your router as an access point. If you’ve previously purchased another mesh Wi-Fi system to enhance coverage, either of these options can help you save money.

A wireless bridge and an access point can both perform the same function, however there is a distinction between the two. Its names are sufficient to characterize it. Let’s take a look at the differences and how to set up our Orbi router as an AP (Access Point).

Bridge mode

A wireless bridge connects two network segments and allows them to share data. Bridge mode can also be used over a wire. Depending on the router you have, you can create wireless access points called bridges. Both functions can be performed simultaneously if the router has adequate advanced functionality.

The routers in Netgear’s Orbi mesh Wi-Fi system do not support bridge mode. So there’s not much we can do here, but we can use the access point option to our advantage.

Access point

It’s just that, a wireless access point. It provides internet access and allows us to connect to our routers via the access point. It doesn’t exactly act as a satellite, but it can act as an extender.

It’s more of a hotspot. Here’s the procedure on turning your Orbi router into an access point:

  1. You can log into your router using www.orbilogin.com.
  2. Enter the Username and Password, which are “username” and “password.”
  3. Choose the tab that best describes you ADVANCED.
  4. Go to Advanced SetupChoose and Mode AP
  5. Apply The settings

For help with logging in to Orbi, see the Orbi login guide. The only thing that you need to ensure is that your Orbi router is connected to your Orbi access points. It doesn’t exactly work like a satellite, but it can work as an extender.


Although an Orbi router cannot be used as a satellite, the mesh network can be expanded by adding more satellites to improve coverage. You can configure one Orbi system to be an access point if you’ve already purchased another Orbi system, perhaps as an upgrade or just as a gift for someone else.

You don’t need any more satellites or extenders if you have an access point. An Orbi router can be used to extend your network and also serve as a satellite.

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