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Can’t Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi (What to Do?)

by stacy

McDonald’s is the most well-known and largest food chain in the world. The variety of delicious, crunchy foods they offer will delight you.

They are even more appealing because they offer Wi-Fi for free. McDonald’s also offers free Wi-Fi to customers, just like most restaurants and eateries.

Connecting to the wireless network is not always easy. There may be technical problems that make it difficult to connect your device to the Wi-Fi network at the restaurant.

This article explains why you cannot connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi, and how to fix it. Continue reading for more information.

Why you can’t connect to McDonald’s WiFi

Connecting to McDonald’s Wi Fi isn’t as simple as you think. To access free internet, you must configure your device properly. To enjoy the free internet, you must also accept McDonald’s WiFi terms.

These are some possible reasons you might not be able to connect to McDonald’s Wi Fi:

Incorrect DNS Settings

Check your DNS settings if you are having trouble connecting to McDonald’s Wi Fi. You may not be able to access McDonald’s wireless network if your DNS settings are incorrect or you have conflicting IP addresses.

It is possible for your smartphone or laptop to be set up to use a customized DNS server. This can cause connectivity issues and prevent you from connecting to McDonald’s Wi-Fi. This could solve your problem.

It is not difficult to change DNS settings. These steps will resolve the problem.

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click Network & Internet
  3. Select Network and Sharing Center
  4. Click on the left panel to change adapter settings
  5. Right-click the interface to the network
  6. Select Properties
  7. The Internet Protocol Version 4 option is available.
  8. Click on the Properties link
  9. Select the following DNS server addresses
  10. As the preferred DNS server, enter
  11. As an alternative DNS server, enter
  12. Alternatively, you can also select “Obtain DNS server address automatically” to see if it works

DNS server

You’re Using VPN

You won’t be able to connect to McDonald’s WiFi if you’re using any VPN software on your smartphone or laptop.

VPN offers greater privacy and security through a secure network connection. It encrypts your data to keep hackers out.

McDonald’s Wi Fi network configuration does not seem to support VPN use and could cause connectivity problems.

VPN hides your IP address, restricting your internet access. McDonald’s will not recognize your IP address and you won’t be able to connect to their free Wi-Fi.

First, connect to the VPN network and then activate it.

You’ve escaped McDonald’s Splash Page

Before you can connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi free of charge, you must first view the splash page.

McDonald’s splash page contains an access button you need to click on your device in order to connect to Wi Fi. To browse the internet, you must also agree to the terms of the restaurant.

McDonald’s splash page, however, is what’s known as a captive portal. This is a page that end users must see and interact with in order to connect to the Internet.

This page provides authentication to the restaurant’s Wi-Fi. This portal is locked and you cannot connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi.

McDonald’s Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Network Filters

McDonald’s is family-friendly, in case you didn’t know. McDonald’s is committed to family values and all ages can visit the restaurant to enjoy a meal or browse on the internet.

McDonald’s Wi-Fi offers a variety of network filters to help protect diners against inappropriate content.

Although you can connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi, you will not be able to access pornographic sites. Sites blocked include BitTorrent, media pirate sites, download sites, and other known dangerous sites.

Check the websites that you’re trying to connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi if you have trouble connecting. These websites might be blocked by network filters at McDonald’s, rendering it impossible to establish a connection.

Limited Internet Access

McDonald’s may limit the data you can access and make use of with each visit.

You may also find that other fast-food restaurants in the franchise have Wi-Fi connection time limitations. This means you can connect to the establishment’s Wi-Fi network but then lose your connection after a few minutes.

You should be prepared to pay 250 MB if you go to a McDonald’s that limits data usage. This is not enough to stream your favorite videos or livestream them.

The free Wi-Fi service is limited to 60 minutes. McDonald’s Wi-Fi is not free and you can’t surf the web for longer than an hour.

There is no free Wi-Fi in the restaurant

You may have problems connecting to the internet because not all McDonald’s restaurants offer Wi-Fi.

You can enjoy free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s when you dine at McDonald’s. You can search for restaurants closest to you by city, zip code, or state.

You may not be able to connect the internet at certain restaurants within this fast-food chain. Before you go, ask the manager if Wi-Fi is available in your area.

Incorrect Wi-Fi Network

Another reason why you may not be able to connect to McDonald’s Wi Fi is that you might have connected to the wrong wireless network.

Nearly all residential and commercial properties are connected to the internet via wireless in this digital age. Public Wi-Fi is available everywhere. There could be many networks that bear the McDonald’s logo, as they are all located near restaurants.

To establish a connection, make sure you are connecting to the correct network. Ask the cashier for the correct network name to log into McDonald’s Wi-Fi.

How to connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi

Locate a McDonald’s location with Wi-Fi access

You probably know that not all McDonald’s restaurants provide free Wi-Fi. Finding a McDonald’s location that offers free Wi-Fi access is the first step in connecting to McDonald’s Wi-Fi.

Visit the locator page of McDonald’s to find a Wi-Fi restaurant near you. To find the closest McDonald’s with free internet, simply type in your zip code, state, and city.

You can find the exact location, including street address and operating hours.

Connect to McDonald’s Wi Fi

Although it isn’t easy to connect to McDonald’s WiFi, it is relatively simple. Connect to the wireless network at McDonald’s using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Connecting your PC to McDonald’s Wi Fi

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon in your taskbar.
  2. Choose McDonald’s Wi Fi network
  3. Connect
  4. Check out McDonald’s Internet Terms of Service
  5. Click the button below to get connected
  6. To check if your connection has been established, you can view the status message

Connecting your Android to McDonald’s Wi Fi

  1. To access your phone’s settings, tap Settings
  2. Select Wireless and Networks
  3. Choose Wi-Fi
  4. McDonald’s Wi-Fi is free
  5. It will open McDonald’s splash page automatically if you use your preferred browser.
  6. Click the splash page to choose “Get Connected”.


Connecting to McDonald’s Wi-Fi should not be a problem the next time that you visit the restaurant. You don’t need to adhere to their strict terms to connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi. Just follow these proven tips. They will amaze you at the difference they make.

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