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by stacy

How to Change Your Email Address On Facebook

This article will show you how to update your primary email address via the Facebook mobile app and website, as well as how to delete an email address from your Facebook profile.

How to change your Facebook email on any computer

You can modify the email addresses associated with your Facebook account using any computer that is Windows, Mac, or Linux. Simply use your favorite browser.

You can change your primary email address via the Facebook page.

Log in to your Facebook account. Select the down arrow at the upper-right corner.

Choose Settings and Privacy from the drop-down menu.

Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

Next to Contact, select Edit.

Select Add another mobile number in the Contact Section.

In the Enter New Email box, enter your new email address and. Then, select Add.

In the pop-up box, select Close.

After you have completed adding an email address to your Facebook account, Facebook will send you a confirmation message. To confirm that you wish to add this email address to your Facebook account, click the link in your email.

After you confirm the new email address, you will be redirected to Facebook Contact where you can see that your new address is now your primary Facebook Email address.

To delete an old email address or any other email address, click Edit next to the Contact tab and Remove below the address you wish to remove.

How to change your Facebook email address using the Facebook App

You can change your Facebook email address using the mobile app

Open the Facebook App from your Android or iOS device.

Choose the three-line menu icon.

Tap PrivacySetting.

Tap Personal Info > Email Contact Info > Add Email Address

Enter your email address into the Add another email address box > Add email

Select and confirm. The confirmation code will be sent to you in text.

Tap on the Enter Confirmation Code field.

The confirmation code will now be displayed on most mobile devices without the need to open the confirmation text. To automatically fill in the Enter confirmation box, tap the code. You can also manually enter the code.

Tap Confirm.

You can make this new email address your primary Facebook address by selecting the new email address in Manage Email Info.

Tap Create Primary.


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