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Chromebook Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi (Solutions Provided)

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It’s fine to be a fan of any Google product because they’re all excellent, and the Chromebook is particularly useful because it runs on Chrome OS, which is optimised for web apps and the Chrome browser.

So, if you’re the proud owner of one of these devices, we hope you’re taking use of the incredible capabilities found in all-Google apps. However, you’ll need a stable internet connection to do so, and here’s what you should do if your Chromebook keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi.

Why Chromebook keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi

There are many reasons why a device may have a problem connecting to Wi-Fi. It is important to find them and fix the problem. These are the most common reasons Chromebooks disconnect from Wi-Fi.

Router Position

This is a very simple question. This is the simplest rule. This means that you won’t get a good connection, or your device will keep disconnecting.

So, you might need to try moving closer to the router, or try another device to see if it’s a Chromebook-specific issue. The best way to fix signal loss is to reposition the router.

Router Wireless Radio

Another reason your Chromebook keeps losing Wi-Fi is that your wireless antennas aren’t operating properly. When you’re moving around your house and one of the radios stops working, it’s common to have the “disconnecting” problem.

You’ll be disconnected as soon as you leave range if the 2.4GHz radio isn’t working. This could indicate that the radio has been turned off or that your router is broken or damaged.

Clogged Wireless Network

This is the primary cause of Wi-Fi issues. You’ll have connection troubles, signal issues, speed issues, and other issues if your network is congested with traffic. Consider letting part of the traffic flow freely.

Once you’ve cleared it, you must keep it clear. We don’t recommend being stingy with your Wi-Fi password or restricting other family members from using the network. It’s preferable to simply refresh the network every now and again.

Wireless adapter no longer available

It is possible for your Chromebook to have an outdated wireless adapter. This can only occur if the whole system is out of date. Unlike some operating systems where you can check for updates for each component, Chromebook updates the entire system, and it’s an easy fix.

Chromebook keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi Fixes

Although all the above reasons are common, if your Chromebook is constantly disconnecting from Wi Fi, Bluetooth or VPN may be interfering. However, we’re going to discuss the troubleshooting steps you should take in any case.

Reboot Network

Turn off Chromebook and your router. Wait at least one minute after you have unplugged all devices from their outlets. Turn on your router and device in the same order. Wait for everything to work normally. To test the solution, make sure it works. You can try it again if the problem persists. It might not work, so you may need to reset your router factory.

Reset Chromebook and Router

When you are experiencing connection problems, the best thing to do is to perform a factory reset on either your router or device. You can blame either one. The factory reset for routers is simple because you can find the Reset Press the button on the router’s back to push it using a Paperclip.

Reset Router

The settings will be reset by doing this. However, this will reset the settings. Chromebook, it’s a little different. Sign out, press, hold Ctrl, Alt, ShiftAnd r. Finally, click here Powerwash And Continue. You can try either one or both to find out if it works.

System Update

Try to check for updates to see if you’ve missed it. Go to Settings Click on, app About Chrome OS. Once there, you’ll see the version of your operating system. Click here Keep checking for new updates. Any updates will be applied to the Wi-Fi system, which will then work flawlessly.

Reducing wireless traffic

This is a very simple step as you only need to change the Wi-Fi password on your router. You can even change your SSID (network name) if you’d like, but it’s not necessary.

Visit the Login page for your routerClick here to go to Wireless Tab in the Settings. Once there, you’ll see the SSID box Where you need to type the new network name and the Password box For the new password. Hit Apply Or Save And the new settings will take control.

Next, you’ll lose the wireless connection for a few moments, and you need to find the new network name and connect by entering the new password. This will get rid of any excess wireless traffic and your Wi-Fi should now work five.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Reconnecting to the network is another option that works for most devices. It is possible to get better results by forgetting the password and connecting again.

Placement of the appropriate router

Changing the location of your router, especially if it’s currently in a corner of the room, can be really beneficial. Place it where there are no boundaries between it and your Chromebook. If that’s not an option, keep the router away from equipment that produce comparable frequencies.


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Avoid the kitchen due to the microwave and don’t place it near an aquarium as water can reduce the Wi-Fi signal strength. Mirrors and other metal objects can interfere with the wireless signal. Also, avoid mirrors and metal objects.

Bluetooth or VPN

Try disabling your Bluetooth and turning off your VPN (Virtual Private Network). It’s likely that you won’t need these two while connecting to your Wi-Fi, so give it a try. If it works perfectly fine after you’ve turned off Bluetooth, just keep it off. It might be worth looking for a better VPN application if it continues to work after you have turned off your VPN.


Wi-Fi can be anything, and it can also be nothing. This makes it a gray area. There are many other issues that can be similar to Chromebook’s problem of disconnecting from Wi Fi. Many of these have similar solutions.

Almost always, there’s a problem with the programme or hardware. If that isn’t the case, it’s the router’s position or the barriers between the router and your Chromebook. We hope that one of these suggestions worked for you and made your day a little brighter.

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