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Are you having problems with email delivery?

Are you having trouble receiving emails? Check out the following solutions. There’s a good chance you will find the answer.

POP Settings: Use Microsoft(r), Outlook Express, or Netscape(r), to ensure that your pop settings are set up to pop.fuse.net Click here to view an online tutorial with instructions for viewing and changing the pop setting.

Check your mailbox size: Each Cincinnati Bell email account is limited to 50MB. The 50MB limit applies to all email folders, including the Sent and Trash. If your mailbox exceeds the limit, all incoming mail will be returned to the sender. You can save your mailbox to your local drive, or permanently delete it from your server by emptying the email Trash/bin folder.

Your email is already saved to your Inbox and other folders if you use a POP3 mail client, such as Outlook Express. You will need to save any messages you access via Fuse WebMail if you use it to access your email.

Check attachment sizes: Fuse will reject any attachments larger than 10MB to optimize email traffic for our subscribers. You will be unable to receive an email from someone with attachments larger than 10MB. Log in to Fuse webMail to delete the 10MB+ email if you are using Microsoft(r), Netscape(r), Messenger email clients. Then, try downloading it again.

Check to see if an email was sent out to a large group. It is possible that the sender attempted to send an email message to a large number of recipients. Many ISPs limit the number of recipients that a user can have for one email to protect subscribers against unsolicited commercial emails (SPAM). The email might not have been sent. You may want to contact the sender if you are certain that the email was sent out to a large number of people.

NOTE: Fuse subscribers have a 49-recipient limit

Check email forwarding: Your mailbox may be set up to forward messages to another mailbox. If this happens, you can delete the messages. You can forward email from other mail services (e.g. You may need to review your forwarding settings for Hotmail or YahooMail if you are sending email from another mail service (e.g.

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