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Commercial Invoice Template

Commercial invoice template

by stacy

In order to export products, you must utilise a commercial invoice template to provide confirmation of the value and type of commodities that are being sold and shipped. It is normal for this document to be written in order to respond to frequently asked queries by customs authorities.

Specific to foreign shipments, it assists the customs authorities in calculating the duties that will be charged.

Instead of starting from scratch, you can use Signeasy’s free downloadable commercial invoice template to save time and effort.

What is a commercial invoice template?

Commercial invoices serve as official documentation of a cross-border transaction involving a provider (or exporter) and a buyer (or consumer). They are generated and dispatched by the seller in conjunction with the items that are being sold to the customer.

Different shipping firms have varying requirements for commercial invoicing, such as the following:

  1. Commercial Invoice from DHL
  2. FedEx Commercial Invoice (FedEx Commercial Invoice)
  3. Invoice from UPS for Commercial Services
  4. Commercial Invoice from the United States Postal Service

When a commercial invoice template is properly filled out, it can help to reduce customs delays, such as when a customs officer needs to spend extra time evaluating the shipment. As a result, customs authorities may be confident that the shipment is safe and secure, allowing your items to reach the target country much more quickly.

Keep in mind that the information on the business invoice must match the information on the customs entry form.

How to sign a commercial invoice template

Step one is to download and complete the Commercial Invoice template.

2. Check with your local Customs and Border Protection to ensure that the invoice contains all of the information you need.

3. Save the commercial invoice template to your Signeasy account.

4. With only a few clicks, you may add a wet, ink-like signature to the paper.

5. Include a copy of the commercial invoice that has been signed with the package.

The following is a checklist of information to include in a commercial invoice template.

Specific pieces of information must be included in our free commercial invoice template in order for it to be considered complete and accurate. The paperwork will be regarded complete and ready to be handed to customs once all of these details have been completed:

Checklist: details to include in a commercial invoice template

  1. Name and address of the exporter
  2. Exporter’s logo Exporter’s contact information (name and phone number)
  3. Number of the air waybill
  4. Invoice number is a unique number that is assigned to each order.
  5. Tax Identification Number (TIN) Factory Order Identification Number (IDN)
  6. Exporting country, destination country, and date of exporting
  7. Carrier
  8. Order number (also known as purchase order number)
  9. The reason for the export
  10. Name and contact information for the consignee
  11. Buyer’s name and contact information
  12. Arrangements for transportation
  13. Taxes to be paid by the shipper Description of the goods to be transported (alongwith HS code or commodity code)
  14. The number of units of goods shipped the country of origin of each product the value of each unit of goods
  15. The total value of the products included in the shipment
  16. The total weight of the products included in the shipment
  17. Terms and conditions of sale
  18. The total number of packages contained inside the shipment
  19. Each package has its own set of measurements.
  20. The mode of transportation
  21. Shipping and handling fees
  22. Exporter’s declaration and signature are required.

Why use Signeasy for signing commercial invoices?

If you’re concerned about how to sign your commercial invoice template without physically visiting a shipping dock or warehouse, Signeasy can assist you with your concerns. You can sign the template with a few clicks after it has been uploaded using our user-friendly mobile app or desktop solution.

Here are some of the additional advantages of utilising Signeasy:

The ability to store a legal record of your commercial invoices in the cloud is provided.

It is simple to keep track of the electronic document flow from one person to another (audit trail for legal purposes)
You may sign the commercial invoice template without having to switch away from your normal process because it is integrated with your ERP solution.

By using biometric security mechanisms, you can rest assured that your invoice and information are completely safe.
Files are stored on the cloud in a secure manner using SSL encryption.

Are you ready to begin electronically signing your first invoice? If so, click here. To get started, simply register for a 14-day free trial of Signeasy.

Frequently asked questions

What is the proper way to create a commercial invoice?

  • Begin by downloading a free commercial invoice template.
  • Insert the logo of your company.
  • Check to see if it contains all of the necessary fields, such as exporter and buyer information, an air waybill, cargo information, and so on.
  • Calculate and enter the cost of the shipment as well as its weight.
  • Include the costs of shipping and handling.
  • Signing the invoice signifies that you have verified the authenticity of the information you have provided.

What information should be included on a commercial invoice?

  • Information about the exporter
  • Number of the air waybill Invoice number Tax ID Number of the invoice Country of export Destination country Date of export
  • Carrier
  • Order number (also known as purchase order number)
  • The reason for the export
  • Buyer’s name and contact information
  • Conditions of sale and delivery
  • Taxes to be paid by the shipper
  • Goods being shipped are described in detail here.
  • The shipment’s total value, number of items, and weight are all listed.
  • Each package has its own set of measurements.

What is meant by a commercial invoice, and how does it work?

A business invoice is a legal document that covers all of the specifics of an overseas shipment, and it is issued by the shipping company. It contributes to the expediting of the customs clearance process, ensuring that the product reaches its destination without delay.

Is a business invoice the same as a regular bill of lading?

In contrast to an invoice, which is a bill that is shared once a product or service is delivered, a commercial invoice is generated to expedite foreign delivery (particularly customs clearance).

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