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How to Create a Free Business Email Address

Do you want to get a free professional business email address? You may do so here. A corporate email address, as opposed to a generic google or yahoo account, contains your company’s name. Our instructions below will walk you through the process of creating a free business email address in less than five minutes.

Creating a Free Business Email Address is a simple process.

What is a Business Email Address and Why You Need it?

Instead of using a generic Gmail or yahoo account, a professional business email address that includes your firm name, such as john@stargardening.com, is preferable.

The majority of newcomers utilize basic free business email accounts that do not have a domain name, which does not appear to be particularly professional. For example, john.smith2019@gmail.com and jsmithfromstargardening@yahoo.com are both valid email addresses.

It becomes more difficult for clients and other businesses to place their trust in generic email accounts because they can be created by anyone, regardless of their business affiliation.

In this section, you will find the top four reasons why you should have a professional email address for your business:

A personalized business email address has a more professional appearance.

Additionally, it is brief and simple to remember.

A professional business email address helps you establish credibility as a reputable company in the eyes of your customers.

The fact that you are sending emails in your company name allows you to promote your brand with each message you send.

  • You may get your own personalized business email address for free, which means there is no reason not to do so.
  • Using a professional business email address is essential if you want your clients and other businesses to take you seriously. You should start using one immediately.
  • To create a business email address, what do you need?
  • To be able to create a free business email account, you will need to have a domain name and a website.
  • After that, you’ll need an email service provider to handle all of your company’s correspondence.
  • To establish a professional business email address, you can choose from several various options.
  • We will demonstrate two distinct ways, and you will be able to select the one that best meets your requirements.
  • The first way is completely free and quite simple to set up, but the second approach requires a modest cost but provides far more functionality.

How to Use a Video Tutorial

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Continue reading if you’d prefer textual instructions instead of audio.

Method 1: Obtaining a Free Business Email Address Using Google

This strategy is simple, and it is available to practically everyone who has access to the internet and a website. A free business email address can be obtained using this service.

It is necessary to get a domain name and sign up for web hosting services when developing a small company website.

However, many WordPress hosting companies include free business email services as part of their basic plan, which is something that most newbies are unaware of.

An annual domain name registration fee of $14.99 is charged, and website hosting begins at $7.99 per month. If you choose to use a premium email service, you will need to budget an additional $5 per email account.

Fortunately, Bluehost, one of the largest WordPress hosting companies in the world, has agreed to provide WPBeginner customers with a free domain name as well as a 60 percent discount on WordPress hosting.

This implies that you may launch a company website for as little as $2.75 per month (and it comes with a free business email address).

To Take Advantage of This Limited-Time Bluehost Offer, Please Click Here.

Listed below are detailed instructions for setting up a free business email account with Bluehost, including screenshots.

Step 1: Establish your company’s mailing address (Domain Name)

It is necessary to first visit the Bluehost website and click on the green ‘Get Started Now’ button to begin the process.

Start using Bluehost by using the Get Started button.

This will take you to a pricing page, where you must select the plan you wish to use by clicking on the ‘Select’ button below the plan you wish to use.

When it comes to small enterprises just getting started, the Basic and plans tend to be the most popular choices.

Plan a course of action

Following the selection of your plan, you will be prompted to select a domain name. You must input your company’s name and then click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed.

Decide on a domain name.

Bluehost will now check to see if a domain name that corresponds to your company’s name is available for registration. If it is not, it will provide you with some additional ideas, or you can search for a different domain name on your own.

Some brief pointers on selecting the ideal domain name for your company’s email address are provided below.

Always go for a.com extension for your domain name. For additional information, please see our article on the difference between.com and.net domain names.

Short, memorable, and easy to say domain names are preferable.

In your domain name, do not include any digits or hyphens.

To distinguish your domain name from others, try including keywords and your company’s location in it. For example, if stargardening.com is not available, then look for stargardeninghouston.com if the first one is not.

More information may be found in our article on how to select the ideal domain name for your company.

A decent domain name is essential for your business, but do not spend too much time on it, or you will never go past this stage of the process.

Following the selection of your domain name, you will need to enter your account information and finalize the package information to complete the registration process.

Optional extras are displayed on this screen, and you can choose to purchase them. At this time, we do not recommend that you choose them. If you find that you require them, you can simply add them to your account later.

Complete the account information.

Last but not least, you must input your payment information to complete the purchase.

When your web hosting account is activated, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access it. Everything, including website management, corporate email accounts, and other settings, is managed from this location.

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