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Gmail read receipt 2021: How to see if someone read your email

It can be extremely helpful depending on the situation to see which important emails have been read. You can track the opening of your messages using an email tracking program or by looking at a Gmail return receipt. You can respond quickly and accurately when you receive notifications in real-time.

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Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, offers an old read receipt in Gmail format to its customers. It is very similar to Outlook’s back in the 1990s. However, it has a difficult concept and technology that is not reliable. It is also not available for Gmail users. We will demonstrate it later. To see if someone has seen your email, the best option is to use an extension such as Mailtrack.

Sending Gmail read receipt

Mailtrack is the best way to find out when someone has read your Gmail email. You can easily see who opened and when your email was opened by a simple extension. It works with free and paid Google Workspace Gmail accounts.

Gmail’s free version doesn’t permit you to request a reading receipt. An outdated Gmail read receipt is only available to accounts that are managed by a Google Workspace administrator. These accounts are usually school or work accounts which not all users have. There are two ways to request a Gmail reading receipt if you have a Google Workspace Gmail Account.

Administrators, such as you, will first need to enable read receipts in Gmail. These are the steps:

  • 1. Log in to your Google Workspace admin Account at
  • 2. Click on Apps
  • 3. Click on Google Workspace Core Services
  • 4. Choose the Gmail icon, not the checkbox next to it.
  • 5. Click User Options
  • 6. Edit the Email receipts option. You have the option to either disallow all or allow only between addresses within your organization and whitelisted addresses or allow them to go to any email address.

After you have turned on the Gmail read receipt feature, you can log into your email account to request a read receipt whenever you send an email. Here’s how:

  • 1. Click Compose in Gmail
  • 2. Write your email
  • 3. Click More options In the compose window, which can appear as three dots and an arrow.
  • 4. Select Request Read receipt
  • 5. Send an email

When the recipient opens an email, you will receive an email notification. However, as we have explained here, this type of reading receipt is not natural or reliable.

Why Gmail’s old read receipt is inappropriate

Gmail’s outdated read receipts are not reliable enough to prove that it is not a good way to know if messages have been read.

However, the problem doesn’t end there. Gmail’s read receipt technology looks a lot like Outlook’s older confirmations back in the 1990s. This adds awkwardness and inconsistency to information we exchange when speaking to people face-to-face or using messaging apps on our phones.

It is a common assumption that communication with someone we are communicating with should be understood and respected. Communication would not be possible if it were. Or even possible.

Mailtrack is the solution. Mailtrack makes email conversations feel as natural and natural as face-to-face conversations because we use the same principles we use when talking to others.

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