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Feature update: consent collection

by stacy

A document can only be validated once the signer agrees to sign it electronically after receiving an eSignature request from the system.

Although this step is completely distinct from the act of electronically signing a document, which implies approval of its contents, consent is concerned only with the use of someone’s eSignature in accordance with the terms of service provided by Signeasy, which are detailed below.

In its current configuration, Signeasy demands consent before the signer has had a chance to evaluate the paper. After additional consideration, we concluded that it would be more logical to request approval after the user had viewed what is contained within the file.

If you receive a signature request in your inbox, the following is the sequence you may expect to go through, starting with the email you’ll receive. Select the blue “review and sign” button to begin the review and signature procedure. After that, you’ll be prompted to in into your Signeasy account again.


The moment you enter, you will have the ability to review all of the fields that have been included by the document’s creator (name, signature, date, etc.). If you want to scan the entire document for required inputs, you can do so by clicking on the arrows next to “fields remaining” at the top of the page.


You will be given the option to deny the signature request by clicking on the red and white icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Signeasy will urge you to give a reason, which will then be forwarded on to the sender of the email message.


You should fill out the appropriate fields if you are ready to proceed with signing the paper and do not believe there is a valid cause for declining the request. The message at the top of the page will change to “all fields have been added” once you’ve completed the form completely — this ensures that you never leave anything out by mistake. After that, click on the green “complete signature” button.


At this point, the consent callout box will show on the screen. If you’re ready to move forward, simply click “I accept” to confirm your agreement.


And that’s the end of it! Once you have given your consent, the signatures will be embedded into the document, and you will be able to download and/or share the file through email as you see fit.

Here’s a fast and useful video that walks you through all of these steps:Do you need to sign documents online quickly?
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