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10 million signature moments and counting!

by stacy

There is nothing quite like reaching a milestone, particularly when your firm is still young and expanding. Seeing those zeros get added one after the other at the end of the numbers you care about is one of the most thrilling things you can experience. When you turn back and look at the impact your effort has made in the lives of your customers along the way to these milestones, it is even more gratifying. This is because the path to reach these milestones has been a long one.

This week, we surpassed the 10 million signatures mark, and the accomplishment has left us feeling both humbled and extremely delighted. On the workplace floor, it goes without saying that high-fives, woohoos, and pizzas are in order at this point. (plus a significant quantity of fresh new goodies!).

Brand New Swag

I am confident that all of us are accustomed to the fact that achievements of this nature always come with some sort of history. We also have one of our very own, which we developed in the form of a mobile application back in 2010, with the intention of putting a dent in the tedious process of printing and scanning that a person is required to go through each time they need to sign a document. Since day one, our clients have been sending us heartfelt feedback, which has served to keep us feeling pleasantly refreshed and encouraged while we worked to gradually add more functionality to Signeasy. Since day one, our clients have been sending us feedback. We have made the most of our time in the limelight by appreciating the praise we have received from Apple, Google, G2 Crowd, and the media.

A fast forward to the present day reveals that Signeasy has developed into a comprehensive business-ready solution with support for a variety of business workflows, signing capabilities across many devices, and integrations with applications that you use on a daily basis. More than 140,000 people and businesses of varying sizes are currently using Signeasy to ensure that paperwork does not interfere with their day-to-day efforts of driving business impact. These efforts can include increasing revenue by closing deals more quickly, enhancing the customer experience, or reducing operational costs. You can find users of Signeasy in a wide variety of enterprises and professions, from the on-ground workers of a prominent field services company to research students at an Ivy League university. Signeasy users can be found all over the world.

The way we look at this number of 10 million is that it represents the number of times that we were able to assist our users all over the world, which in turn resulted in a happy expression being displayed on their faces. On our way to making the world paperless, we feel it is only fitting to recognise these events as among the 10 million that will make up our journey’s signature.

We are grateful to each and every one of our users, partners, and friends for assisting us in getting to this point. Regarding the following topic you asked, which was about what comes after this point, we are looking forward to more of these million signature moments for us. 🙂

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