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Signeasy Featured as App of the Day in over 100 Countries Worldwide

by stacy

We are currently making a request to intergalactic government for a holiday to honor this significant event. You can still check out our offerings by visiting the App Store and clicking the Today button.

People from these 10 countries downloaded our music the most on this special day. Also known as “love.” It is also known as “love.”

France?? Germany?? France??
Russia?? Canada ??
Mexico ?? India???
Brazil ?? Australia???
We reached for the tissue box, as it is for us, because our kind reviewers were so generous. *tears of happiness*

This screenshot was taken at 10:11.53 am on June 21st.

Signeasy is available immediately if you aren’t already a part of the global effort to reduce paper use and sign papers more quickly.

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