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Cox Cable Box Wont Turn On

by stacy

6 Ways To Fix Cox Cable Box Not Turning On

Cox cable box is a promising option for anyone who wants to receive on-demand entertainment but also has the ability to access their favorite channels. It can be frustrating when your Cox cable box stops working. We will share various methods to resolve this issue in this article.

How to Fix a Cox Cable Box That Doesn’t Turn On

1. Cables

Checking the cables should be your first instinct. Because cables transmit electrical signals from the wall outlet into the cable box, this is why you should check them first. This error can be fixed by checking the cables (coaxial, and other) for any faults. You must ensure that the cables function properly and make sure they are connected to the right ports. To ensure that all cables are properly plugged in, we recommend checking the label on the cable box. Another tip: Don’t use old and white cox cables.

2. Wiring

Yes, wiring and cables are different. The cables are those that connect the cable box to the power outlet. Wiring is the whole infrastructure. It is a good idea to inspect the wiring in your home. For rewiring a room, you might need to hire someone. After the wiring has been optimized, the cable box can be activated.

3. Reboot

Although the cable box may not be turning on, you can still reboot it. You can reboot the cable box by simply taking out the cable box. The cable box will not turn on if it isn’t connected for at least one minute.

4. Memory

It is possible for your cable box to not turn on if it has too much memory. You will find the hard drive containing all recorded programs in your cable box. You could also try to install this hard disk into other devices and delete the recorded boxes. Once the hard drive is full, you can plug it into the cable box and turn it on. The cable box will need to turn on.

5. TV Input

You must ensure that the input is correct if the cable box stops working. If you’re using the coax cable as your input, channel three is the best. If you’re using an HDMI cable, the optimal input for the cable box is channel three.

6. Lights

Yes, those are lights on the Cox cable boxes. If the green light is on the cable box, it means that the signals are optimal or available. This indicates that the hardware is causing the problem. It is best to have the device checked by a technician so that they can fix the problem.

If the cable box does not turn on, contact customer service at Cox. This is the first step.

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